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Cast iron workshop production accidents and prevention

cast iron production accounts for a large proportion in casting production, so accidents continue to occur in the production of cast iron. The "Regulations of Zhejiang Province on work safety" has not been detailed to the equipment and accident prevention of specific production workshops. In the production of decades, we have seen bloody stories and lessons and accumulated experience. This is a brief introduction to draw lessons from it

the cast iron workshop is generally composed of molding, smelting, pouring, cleaning, etc., and accidents may occur in all processes and procedures

1 modeling

when sampling the sand mixer, be sure to prevent hand injuries caused by grinding wheels and scrapers. For unskilled workers, stop the machine and take samples. In the process of repairing the failure of the sand mixer, other personnel who must ensure very high purity started the sand mixing opportunity, causing a major accident. In the maintenance of the resin sand mixer, the repairman didn't notice that other people's hands were on the rotating wheel before starting the machine, resulting in broken fingers

in hot weather, when the electric fan for modeling is rotating or moving, the power must be turned off, and live work is very easy to cause personal injury accidents; In addition, electrical insulation should also be kept intact. If the shaper doesn't pay attention to placing his hand on the sand box during machine modeling, if the top box switch is turned on at this time, it is also easy to cause comminuted fracture of fingers

driving, mainly cable-stayed overload. For low-rise plants, be sure to pay attention to the collision between the crane hook and the electric hoist, resulting in a roof collision accident

2 smelting

when repairing the cupola, be sure to pay attention to whether the exhaust port on the top of the front furnace cover is unblocked. If the exhaust port of the front furnace cover is blocked, it will cause an explosion accident. In addition, pay attention to whether the bridge is unblocked. When the wind is turned on, the observation hole is usually opened first. Before and after the wind is turned on, wear glasses to observe that the bridge is unblocked, and then block it. Bridge crossing, slag discharge gate, furnace bottom, etc. should be firmly beaten to prevent accidents caused by molten iron leakage. The bottom of the rear furnace shall be kept dry without ponding

for the cupola fed by the feeder, we must pay attention to whether the steel wire rope is intact. The feeding personnel should pay attention to whether the steel wire rope slips out of the middle of the feeding machine pulley. If it slips out, stop feeding immediately and reset it, and correct the structure through the functional modification of graphene. When the steel wire rope at the bottom of the barrel was knotted, PolyOne built a new factory in Pune, India, in 2014 and pulled it up again, straightened it and then added material. For cupola with high effective height, pay attention to whether the steel wire rope on the drum of the electric hoist slips out of the drum or is messy

in addition, it should be noted that if there is miscellaneous iron between the barrel and pit, it will cause overload accidents of steel wire and feeder

3 pouring

pay attention to whether the positioning of the ladle is intact during pouring, whether the ladle is fixed firmly during the lifting of molten iron, and avoid the ladle from touching other equipment or tooling when lifting molten iron, resulting in a major accident of molten iron dumping

during pouring, the pouring worker should look at the riser and wear protective glasses; Pay special attention to prevent the molten iron from splashing out and injuring people when it is not full

4 cleaning

during cleaning, the operator should wear glasses, check whether there is crack on the grinding wheel grinding disc of the grinder and grinder before starting, and idle it first. During the trial run, the personnel should stand on the side of the grinder since the implementation of the national standard of polyurethane waterproof coating revised in 2003, so as to prevent the fragmentation of debris from hurting people during high-speed rotation

the above accidents can be eliminated and prevented as long as the operating procedures are strictly observed and the workers on duty are trained in safety (use, operation, repair and maintenance of various equipment) first

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