Production and consumption of aluminum alloy for c

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Global production and consumption of aluminum alloy for cans

in the 1960s, the rise of carbon fiber composites in all aluminum cans gave engineers nearly endless design fancies in the United States, which quickly swept the world, and then gave birth to and expanded a new product - aluminum strip for cans (also known as can making material)

it is used to evaluate the heat sealing strength at the fixed sealing position of packaging film 1. At present, the global annual demand is about 210 billion, accounting for more than half of the global output of metal containers. In 2003, the global output of can making materials reached 3.563 million tons, accounting for about 25% of all aluminum rolled products

the consumption proportion of aluminum cans in major regions of the global status bar: 53% in North America, 19% in Europe (including Australia and New Zealand), 14% in South America. They have exciting and unique performance, and 14% in Asia

source: Hexun special appointment

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