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In the future, the night in Hangzhou will be brighter. These 60 roads will be lit up as a whole.

in recent days, in Hangzhou Shuguang Road, Tiyuchang road and Baochang Road, where cars come and go, I see elevated vehicles carrying staff working in the branches. Yesterday, it was learned from the street lamp management office of Hangzhou power supply company that from this month, nearly 60 roads and community roads in the main urban area of Hangzhou will be lit as a whole. At that time, more than 3900 lights will be replaced, involving Jianggan District, Shangcheng District, Gongshu District, West Lake District, Xiacheng District and West Lake scenic area

the first to start this month is the three main roads, namely Stadium Road, Shuguang Road and Baochang road

this is one of the ten practical livelihood projects of Hangzhou municipal government in 2018. The whole lighting project is jointly carried out by the street lamp management office and Hangzhou lighting supervision center. In the future, the night in Hangzhou will be brighter

"the greening of Hangzhou is getting better and better, which is also a kind of 'happy trouble'." Miao Huayong, director of the monitoring center of Hangzhou streetlight management institute, said that since March 2017, the streetlight management institute has conducted a "physical examination" of streetlights in Hangzhou

how did the more than 3900 street lights lit this time be set? "Many of them were determined by the staff after the reflection of the mayor and the street lamp management office of 12345."

of course, the brighter the streetlights, the better. The "Hangzhou urban lighting management measures" implemented on February 1 this year clearly stipulates that the installation of urban lighting facilities should meet the light pollution control standards, not affect the normal life of residents, and coordinate with the urban space environment

city street lamps, but the road to the blue ocean needs to be replaced, which is not as simple as changing a bulb at home. Because the climbing operation should be very accurate, a group can only replace 4 to 5 lights a day. Therefore, Hangzhou street lamp management institute dispatched a total of more than 70 people, divided into five groups to the site for construction

"these streetlights used to be above the branches, but now they fall below the branches." Miao Huayong introduced that after the height of the street lamp decreases, with the later pruning of the branches and leaves, the lighting can directly reach the road surface. If there are large vehicles passing on some roads and it is inconvenient to reduce the height, the increment will be carried out by installing an additional auxiliary light at the low position in addition to the speed width of conventional electronic omnipotence

the opening time of Hangzhou street lights is generally 9 hours in summer and 13 hours in winter. According to the calculation of 9 hours in summer, after a high-pressure sodium lamp on the main road is replaced by an LED lamp, 1.98 kwh of electricity can be saved in one night. More than 3900 street lamps have saved considerable power consumption in one year. In addition, LED light source is more scattered, and human comfort is better

this time, in addition to replacing the sub poles and LED lights of street lights, many old lampshades and lamps will also be replaced. For example, in the lighting plan, the number of street light poles that need to be lit in the West Lake scenic area is 763, which are concentrated in Quyuan Fenghe, Huagang Guanyu, Hangzhou flower garden, beigaofeng and other places, and most of them are street lights at the waterside in terms of new material research and development and process technology

there are also some lines, involving the construction of line reconstruction. "The HRA (diamond cone indenter) of the sections where trams can often be seen, such as Tianmushan road and TiYuChang Road, is 2088. Led by the Construction Committee, the line reconstruction of 'multi pole integration' will be carried out." Miao Huayong said that public WiFi signal points can also be added to street lights in the future

it is reported that the whole bright project is expected to be completed by the end of September this year

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