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Nielsen: 25% of new FMCG products are listed and erode the share of private brands. Innovation should consider the net growth of brands. Release date: Source: Economic Observer

after the outbreak of the epidemic, consumer behavior has changed, and the innovation of marketing activities has also accelerated. Nielsen's latest survey shows that there are three effective ways for brands to obtain new consumers during the epidemic: expanding the scene, high-end positioning, and other fillers can provide synergy and rapid innovation

on November 17, Nielsen released the "2020 breakthrough innovative FMCG list", which analyzed the consumption growth paths of the above three brands. The report points out that after the epidemic, consumers are more inclined to choose healthy and environmentally friendly products. On average, 60% of consumers will be willing to buy more environmentally friendly products, of which more than 80% of consumers believe that "environmental protection" is particularly important in choosing food brands

at the same time, these emerging demands are guiding brands to update and adjust their product lines, both online and offline. Future innovations will mainly focus on topics such as "plant-based", "sustainable" and "personalized"

Gautam Seth, head of Nielsen bases Asia Pacific, said that consumers always pursue new ideas, and even the pursuit of new things under the epidemic can better alleviate pressure and anxiety. Brands should be able to respond quickly to changes in consumer needs

"those innovative products that perform well in the market have high-quality creativity, good distribution and effective marketing. 6. Welding for steel and concrete gb/t 1499.3 ⑵ 002 field marketing strategy." Gautam Seth, as a new functional material, PHA can be made into film, bottle and injection. By using a variant molded part of thermoplastic elastomer, it can also be spun into fiber and made into fabric. Therefore, it can be widely used in film, orthopedics, personal hygiene products, drug controlled release, special packaging and other fields

however, the report also found that the FMCG market has become more weak. About 25% of new products are actually cannibalizing the share of private brands, and brand innovation should also be more targeted. For example, factors such as target consumer groups and brand net growth should be considered as a whole, so as to achieve a balance between "quality" and "quantity" and avoid losing money and making money

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