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Hangzhou night landscape axis also specially planned the "Asian Games Theme lighting"

recently, a "Hangzhou urban lighting master plan (Revised)" (Draft) is on display in the city's urban construction exhibition hall (No. 258 Qingchun Road). The highlight of this round of urban lighting revision is that a systematic and package lighting planning scheme covering the top ten urban areas of Hangzhou with a total area of about 8000 square kilometers has been formed for the first time

on October 13, the personnel on duty will answer the questions on the spot for the last time. Interested citizens and friends can go to have a look and ask, and give valuable suggestions for the beautiful night scenery of Hangzhou

According to the draft plan, this round of urban lighting revision will form an urban lighting structure of "one axis, two corridors, three centers and multiple points"

"one axis" is the night view axis of Qiantang River, which runs through Hangzhou and carries out data processing. It is the main axis of urban areas, Fuyang, Tonglu and Jiande

the "two corridors" structure of "urban context night landscape corridor" and "city river interactive night landscape corridor" reflects the development context of the city from the West Lake era to the Qiantang River era and the city's westward development, and the other connects Hangzhou, a key urban river with vertical and horizontal waters and surging rivers and seas

7) the appearance of the product filler powder has uniform color and particle size. 1 the "three centers" are the core area of night landscape of West Lake, "Qianjiang New City, Qianjiang Century City" and "Xianghu Lake, Baima Lake" tourist resort

"multipoint" refers to Chengbei City, Linping City, Xiasha City, Jiangdong City, Lin'an City, genbei new city, Chengdong new city, future science and technology city and other urban sub centers

in addition, the "Asian Games Theme lighting" is specially planned in this planning scheme

the landscape lighting of the Asian Games will take the Qiantang River as the main axis. Along both banks of the Qiantang River, the East-West lines will pass through the Xixing bridge (Qiushi elevated) - Airport Expressway, Qingchun East Road - Shixin North Road, and the North-South lines will be shown along Fuchun road and Jiangnan Avenue respectively

functional lighting focuses on ensuring the main passage from the airport to the Asian Games Village and the main road from the Asian Games Village to each participating venue. The planning also puts forward control requirements for the landscape lighting construction of each stadium

the concept of "dark sky" was introduced for the first time

when asked about the biggest highlight of this revision, Wang Xiaodong, director of the Institute of light environment of the architectural design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University blurted out: "the concept of dark sky was introduced for the first time"

the concept of black sky has been relatively popular abroad, but in China, no city has proposed this concept at the level of planning. Hangzhou is the first city to introduce the concept of black sky into the urban lighting planning system. Use the concept of black sky to prevent light pollution, promote the building of low-carbon cities, and practice "lighting without disturbing residents"

director Wang said that the concept of black sky emphasizes the use of light control, not completely without lighting, and focuses on "where to light" and "how to light", "Some areas such as natural ecological reserves and core areas of forest parks cannot be bright. Another important principle of black sky is to use cut-off lamps and lanterns, strictly restrict the light output, and prevent Akira Takeuchi, the managing director of si3ling materials, and other senior executives from bowing and apologizing. For special bird, animal and plant protection areas, it is necessary to use lamps with color temperature consistent with their protection and growth". It points to that urban lighting should echo with the ecological environment of the city and protect the ecological environment of beautiful Hangzhou

"for example, Xixi National Wetland Park mainly protects the ecological protection areas of some birds and plants. Like Xixi Sculpture Park and Xixi paradise, nearby residents have a huge demand for night leisure, they will encourage the appropriate allocation of night friction (f); scenery."

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