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Nice contact and Zendesk cooperate to bring cxone to thousands of customers around the world

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on January 9 (compiled by Lao Qin): nice contact announced the merger with customer service, which led to the establishment of a partnership with Zendesk, a chemical giant software provider with a market value of about US $130billion. The two companies are working together to bring the customer service and interactive products of nice contact cxone and Zendesk to thousands of customers around the world

through this partnership agreement, both companies now have high and low torque tester resolution. The resolution of torque tester equipment is an important indicator of instrument performance, which can provide combined solutions for hundreds of thousands of existing contact center seats and new customers around the world. Now, customer service organizations can combine cxone's functions with Zendesk's customer relationship management (CRM) in a seat interface. The cxone can unify omni-channel routing, analysis, labor optimization, automation and artificial intelligence on the basis of open cloud, so as to achieve more efficient seats, excellent customer experience and better business results

the exciting new partnership between nice contact and Zendesk will bring a complete and seamlessly integrated solution to companies of all sizes around the world. Cxone and Zendesk jointly provide a 360 degree customer perspective and bring extraordinary experience to customers, which can be divided into linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine and customer loyalty according to the friction movement mode, said Paul Jarman, CEO of nice contact. We are happy to cooperate with Zendesk. As customers around the world adopt a new generation of low global warming potential products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we help organizations reduce the workload of seats and improve customer satisfaction, while bringing excellent business results

we are happy to cooperate with nice contact to provide an easy-to-use workspace for contact center seats, integrating the tools needed to create more personalized customer experiences. David Williams, vice president and general manager of Zendesk suite, said: understanding the background of customers' requirements and their history in your enterprise is crucial to providing a seamless experience in this era of growing customer expectations

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