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product brand Cummins product model 3~1800 kW production city China Chongqing shipping City Guangdong Shenzhen total supply 94 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1000 units of measurement kW product details

Cummins power equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Cummins complete system assembly of a world-famous brand, which is responsible for the sales, leasing, maintenance, spare parts and product after-sales service of diesel generator sets in China. Cummins has been committed to becoming a leader in the global diesel generator set industry, Continue to make efforts to give full play to its R & D and manufacturing expertise in power technology, create more advanced power solutions, and provide * * * power generation products to global customers

l Cummins has a total of 29 institutions in China, including 14 joint ventures, with more than 10000 employees

l available for engines, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, aftertreatment and fuel systems

l the service network in China includes 16 regional service centers and more than 2000 authorized distributors of wholly-owned and joint ventures in China

l it can provide multiple power solutions and technical service support for design, production and distribution

product description of power generation equipment: in order to strengthen the production equipment management of the enterprise, promote the modernization of equipment management, make the equipment repaired, transformed and updated in time, used correctly, maintained carefully, overhauled scientifically, keep the equipment in a good technical state, constantly improve and improve the quality of the enterprise's technical equipment, give full play to the equipment efficiency, and better improve the production technology level, reduce consumption, ensure safe production This procedure is formulated in combination with the actual situation of the company to increase economic benefits. 2.2 generator overvoltage, 2.3 generator low voltage, 2.4 generator low frequency, 2.5 generator can greatly improve the production efficiency. The internal fault of the motor, short-circuit overcurrent protection acts on the signal trip. 2.7 excitation overload, 2 8 rotating diode short circuit or open circuit, 2 10. When the water temperature is high, the action will trip at shutdown, and the temperature is greater than 107c. 2.11 if the cooling water temperature is high, the alarm will be triggered if the cooling water temperature is low 12. If the oil temperature is high, the action will trip when the machine is stopped. 2.13 overspeed, when the speed is greater than 2120rpm

the main bearing cap is cast with arrow marks and marked with the same matching number. During assembly, the arrows should be facing forward, and should not be installed reversely or interchanged. The circular arc surface of the diamond pin on the main bearing cap should be consistent with the axis direction of the main bearing hole. When tightening the main shaft and even aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness, the bearing bolts must be screwed up from the middle, and then tightened one by one to both sides, gradually increasing the torque in 2-3 times, and the last tightening torque is 177-196n · M. The upper and lower pads of the main bearing are different, and those with oil grooves and oil holes are the upper pads. The last main bearing of the machine body is equipped with a thrust plate to control the axial clearance of the curved uranium within the range of 0.07-0.25mm. Push the splint into the square hole of the left and right 2 chucks. One side of the thrust plate is antifriction alloy, and there is an oil groove on it. During installation, the oil groove should contact the rotating shoulder on the crankshaft. Then install the crankshaft gear. 11.7 install camshaft bushing. When the bushing is pressed into the machine body, pay attention to the alignment of the oil hole on the bushing and the oil hole on the machine body. After installing the camshaft, install the tappet and push rod, install the thrust plate, and screw the bolts

assemble the camshaft side cover. Install the cylinder head assembly. Adjust the balance clearance between the balance bridge and the two valves. Install the fuel injector assembly and adjust the throttle position of each cylinder. Adjust the clearance of the intake and exhaust valves of each cylinder, the timing of the fuel injector and the 3mm position of the fuel injector. Replace the generator rear end cover and rear bearing and assemble them. Connect and level the generator and engine. Assembly and debugging of machine body control circuit. Flush the air cooling box and water tank, disassemble and maintain the cooling fan assembly. Install the air cooling box, water tank and fan assembly. Assemble other accessories of the machine body. Fill the coolant and lubricating fluid to the standard scale, connect the battery, jog the switch, do not start the unit, let the lubricating oil reach the lubricating part, and then start the engine for no-load operation. Check whether there is liquid leakage and abnormal noise during no-load. Stop the machine for minutes to check the lubricating oil level and cooling liquid level, and 3 leaks; Electrical wiring. Operate for an extended time without load, and adjust to the rated speed for operation test. After the water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, phase voltage, line voltage, frequency and other parameters are normal

ensure that the unit can start normally. 5. The fuel pipeline and cable shall be laid in the trough plate or trench as far as possible, and the cable can also be laid in the wire pipe. 6. A space distance of 0.8~1.0m should be reserved around the unit, and no other items should be placed, so that the operators can patrol and maintain. The area and size of the machine room are shown in the table below for reference. 1. The installation foundation of the diesel generator set should be able to bear the weight of the generator set. Generally, the weight of the cement foundation is 1.5 ~ 2 times the weight of the unit. If the machine room is located in the connected building and there are anti vibration requirements, the vibration isolation foundation should be used. The weight of the foundation is 3 ~ 5 times the weight of the unit. The design of the vibration isolation foundation should be designed by the civil engineer. The foundation can be prefabricated before the installation of the unit, and the foundation should be reserved with fixed anchor holes, Place the unit on the foundation after horizontal troweling, so that each fulcrum contacts evenly, and the uneven part can be padded with thin steel plate or rubber. Finally, fasten with pressing plates or bolts, and do not loosen during use. 2. Basic structure of diesel generator set

"": pay attention to safety and stick it near the permanent magnet generator cover and generator cover plate. 2. Warning distribution diagram. The unit is composed of diesel engine, generator, control panel, and common base or base oil tank. All components of the unit are installed on the base to facilitate the movement and installation of the unit. The diesel engine adopts multi cylinder diesel engine, which has the advantages of firmness, reliability, durability, small size, large power, fuel saving, light sound, convenient operation, easy maintenance, simple maintenance, etc. the cooling system of the diesel engine adopts closed circulating water cooling, and the fan is of external blowing type. The diesel engine and generator are connected by elastic discs, and open units can also be provided. In terms of safety precautions, the diesel engine water tank is equipped with an overall anti pulsation 5.13. The main engine power is 11kw; The shield ensures that the rotating parts such as the fan and pulley are not directly exposed outside, eliminating potential safety hazards. The exhaust pipe and supercharger side of the diesel engine have a high temperature after the unit is turned on, so it is the non working side, which should not be touched by workers. The generator adopts Stamford brand of Shanghai Stanford Power Equipment Co., Ltd

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