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Informatization of manufacturing enterprises has become the future development trend

it was learned from the 2007 China informatization policy and trend report meeting held on June 29 that in the future, modern information technology also needs a process technology, and its role in promoting the adjustment of China's economic structure and the transformation of the mode of economic growth will be further reflected

it is reported that the relevant departments are paying close attention to the formulation of the outline of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of informatization in China's manufacturing industry, and the promotion and application of information technology in energy-saving, material saving, water-saving, emission reduction and other aspects of high energy consumption, high material consumption and high pollution industries are further strengthened

around the key areas identified by the State Council to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, the application of information technology in equipment manufacturing research and development, design, production and after-sales service will be further deepened. The role of advanced information technology in transforming and upgrading producer services, consumer services and modern services is further reflected. Key backbone enterprise information the material is both solid and flexible, and the construction has been strengthened. The development environment and socialized service system of small and medium-sized enterprise informatization, such as the sample of medical rubber gloves, have been gradually improved. In October, 818 pieces of extruders were exported, and the industry, system integration services and custody services were strengthened. With efforts to narrow the digital divide and promote coordinated regional development as the starting point, financial support for information technology construction in underdeveloped areas will be increased. Focusing on key links such as credit, certification, standards, payment, disaster recovery, and modern logistics construction, the development environment of e-commerce will also be further improved

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