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Manufacturing enterprises have a strong desire for digital transformation. "New infrastructure" will provide a window of opportunity

how to make use of the important window of opportunity for the development of China's new infrastructure, the crisis of excess capacity at the beginning of the year is the most serious, and creating a new round of digital strategic planning is the key to the success of enterprises in the future. However, according to a recent survey report released by Siemens, less than 10% of traditional manufacturing enterprises can complete the digital transformation

on April 28, the executive meeting of the State Council deployed to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as information network, made clear a series of requirements such as innovative investment and construction mode and application-oriented, released the signal of accelerating new infrastructure, and pointed out the direction for the promotion of new infrastructure

foreign enterprises expand investment in new infrastructure

on April 29, six sets of accessories for various mechanical experiments, such as various insulation systems, adhesives, flexible water-resistant putty, were added. Neder electric signed an agreement with the Management Committee of Xiamen Torch High tech Industrial Development Zone and Huli District of Xiamen, planning to change the experimental machine to the local, mainly for the experiment of changing the performance of metal and non-metal, parts and components, and for local research and development, Produce a new generation of digital green electrical products. However, the scale of the investment amount was not disclosed

Schneider told China business: from 2016 to 2018, China's digital economy has an average annual growth of 20%. The acceleration of new infrastructure and the impact of the epidemic are expected to accelerate the digital transformation trend of China's industry. This new investment will drive the digital upgrading of Xiamen's industrial chain and economic development

digitalization is not only the driving force of high-quality economic development, but also the focus of improving sustainable competitiveness. The new infrastructure represented by digital infrastructure is of great significance for expanding effective demand, coping with risks and challenges, and promoting high-quality development

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that it would accelerate the progress of 5g construction, accelerate the creation of industrial interconnection with comprehensive human-machine and object interconnection, vigorously develop new intelligent computing facilities, and promote the orderly construction and use of large data centers and the upgrading and transformation of small and micro data centers. At the same time, adhere to application-oriented and demand-oriented, further enrich the application scenarios, and promote the integrated development of new infrastructure and manufacturing, energy, transportation, agriculture and other fields

however, a new research survey on the CEOs of more than 700 manufacturing enterprises around the world released on April 28 shows that although most enterprises in the world actively try and promote enterprise digital upgrading, less than 10% of traditional manufacturing enterprises can really promote the value of enterprise management and operation through digital upgrading, and finally complete the digital transformation

the white paper "clear path to promote enterprise digital transformation" issued by Siemens IOT business unit said that the lack of guidance of the overall business strategy, the main price and bonding effect under different material temperatures, the respective formation of the value chain in the digital process, and the difficulty in quantifying the impact of digitization on enterprise management and operation performance are the three most significant challenges that make it difficult for enterprises to achieve successful digital transformation

Dr. zhuxiaoxun, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of IOT service division, told China business news that digitalization and IOT are profoundly changing the world, and it is undoubtedly the general trend to empower enterprise operation management and create value through digitalization

digitalization changes the traditional manufacturing process

in addition, according to the report of the China Academy of information and communications, the importance of digitalization has been fully reflected in this epidemic. Enterprises with industrial interconnection as the core and better digital transformation results have been less impacted

the epidemic has dealt a major blow to many manufacturing enterprises. Affected by the weak demand of the epidemic, on April 29, covestro, a German chemical enterprise, reported that its business sales fell by 4% in the first quarter, and its profits fell by nearly 90%. Covestro has begun to make equity investments in a number of start-ups to promote sustainable development

Zhu Xiaoxun pointed out that facing the challenges of the current uncertain global economic environment, the demand for digitalization of manufacturing enterprises is more urgent. The new infrastructure with digitalization as the core will provide technological empowerment for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, thus injecting strong impetus into the future development of China's economy. Zhuxunxiao said to China business

among the many scientific and technological fields involved in the new infrastructure, the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other cutting-edge technologies required for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent cities is part of Siemens' core business. For example, Siemens has cooperated with Yantai digital technology to establish an IOT enabling platform and implemented pilot projects in the manufacturing and building fields

in the "implementation plan on promoting cloud smart action to cultivate new economic development" recently released by the national development and Reform Commission, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital twins, IOT, blockchain and other technologies are included in the new generation of technologies that support innovation and development

these advanced digital technologies are changing the process of traditional manufacturing. For example, during the epidemic, Siemens Medical delivered CT shelter solutions to Huanggang, Hubei Province. Dassault systems, a French software company, recently announced a cooperation with the integrated facilities management service company Eden group to help it build a smart link temporary infectious disease hospital worldwide within 100 days by providing simulation modeling software support

Sylvain Laurent, President of Dassault Systems Asia Pacific, told China business: software systems are becoming a new infrastructure, and modern integrated facilities management is developing towards modularity, intelligence and connectivity, which requires advanced manufacturing methods. The integration scheme of end-to-end digital twin technology can improve the efficiency of modular and operation centered infrastructure construction

Chinese enterprises hope to achieve leapfrog development with the help of new technology, and have a strong willingness to embrace and take advantage of digitalization, but it is not enough to successfully realize digital transformation only by investing in digital technology, and talent training is also the key. To this end, enterprises are strengthening cooperation with colleges and universities. Siemens has recently announced that it will cooperate with the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University to set up training courses to cultivate management talents in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization

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