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Manufacturer direct selling 10kW emergency gasoline generator

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manufacturer direct selling 10kW emergency gasoline generator

gasoline generator will be delivered by bearing and end cover (2) The stator of the motor is pulled apart equidistantly from the cold-formed support on both sides, and the rotor is connected and assembled, so that the rotor can twist in the stator and cut the magnetic line of force, so as to generate the induced potential, which is led out through the wiring terminal and connected to the circuit, and then the current is generated

advantages of 10kW emergency gasoline generator directly sold by the manufacturer:

(1) fuel economy, high thermal efficiency, relatively flat change of fuel consumption rate curve, and economy under low load

(2) export engines are installed on the basis of daily sources, and the task is reliable and durable

(3) it has a wide range of applications, including emergency standby power supply for railway bureaus, highway bureaus, hospitals, schools, financial institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and offices, and self-supporting power supply for special purposes such as outdoor construction and field work, vehicles and ships

(4) low harmful emissions

(5) good fire safety, with overcurrent and low oil pressure alarm, which can actively close the engine, Generator damage caused by excessive utilization

10kw gasoline generator (danizawa power toyoti)

Product No. toto10

format open shelf | hand push

additional voltage 220V | 380V

insulation grade F

brand: danieze power

additional power 10kw

maximum power 11.5kw

number of phases single three-phase

frequency 50Hz 60Hz

noise range 70 dB

start style electric start

gross weight 150kg

continuous task: 12h

engine model 690g

additional speed 3 000rpm

fuel tank: 37l

engine type four stroke, double cylinder. Air cooled

insulation grade F

fuel model gasoline above 90

fuel consumption H (full load)

fuel consumption H

size 950*620*630mm

turn off fragmentary contactless transistors

number of cylinder blocks 2

additional current 45A <6. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism/p>

input power 25HP

starting style electric

fuel Model No. 90 gasoline

task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40

electronic speed regulation, digital display, danieze original, AVR voltage stabilization

manufacturer direct selling 10kW emergency gasoline generator Enron attention

1. Utilization and combination: when using the gasoline generator, it should be installed outdoors or in a well ventilated place in the machine room, not close to doors, windows and vents, to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room

2. Storage and utilization of fuel oil: the fuel oil of the generator should be stored in a public warehouse, and the equipment in the warehouse should meet the requirements of the fire protection department. The type of horizontal oil used by new energy vehicles that can produce more than 10000 vehicles a month should meet the requirements on the application statement or label of the generator

3. Generator line connection: the standard of outdoor lines has a demand for the load of electrical appliances used. When using extended wires, we should recognize the excellent insulation between them and the ground

4. Keep the gasoline clean: before filling the diesel oil in the oil barrel, it should be fully piled up. Fortunately, it takes more than 3 days to pile up. When refueling, filter carefully to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities. During operation, it is also necessary to wash the oil storage container and the things that leak and cause internal injury

5. Do not mix with other fuels: if there are other fuels in the oil stains, the extinguishability will also become very poor, resulting in difficult starting or even failure to start

6. Choose good gasoline: the quarrel of gasoline quality is directly related to whether the small gasoline engine can operate normally

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source: Shanghai daniaze power

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