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Manufacturers take the initiative to raise prices, and seasons affect demand

from a regional perspective, due to factors such as the increase of warehouse out and the improvement of market confidence, the quotation in Northeast China has risen faster than that due to the establishment of recycled plastic granule factory; Manufacturers in East China, South China and southwest China rose slightly; The delivery in North China is good, and the market transaction price is acceptable

in terms of production capacity, Zhangzhou Qibin line 5 and Guangxi Xinyi Beihai line 2, which were ignited in the early stage, have been put into operation successively, and other early ignition production lines are still in the process of baking kilns. Next week, Hunan Juqiang first-line 400 tons and Shanxi Shenmu Ruicheng second-line 600 tons will be ignited for resumption of production, and Shahe Yingxin relocation line is planned to be ignited in late. The regional trends are as follows:

1 East China:

the overall trend of the glass spot market in East China this week is acceptable, the delivery of production enterprises has slightly decreased on a ring basis, and the market sentiment has not changed much. At present, the orders of downstream processing enterprises are general. From the perspective of structure, the orders of large processing enterprises are better than those of small and medium-sized processing enterprises. Domestic building decoration orders are better than export foreign trade orders. On the whole, the parallelism is greatly guaranteed in the early stage. Some processing enterprises and traders have more low-cost raw glass, and the replenishment of inventory has been basically completed. At present, glass procurement is basically in and out, and the procurement speed has slowed down to a certain extent compared with last month. From the perspective of market confidence of production enterprises, they should be stronger than traders and processing enterprises. It is believed that with the advent of the traditional peak sales season, the demand will increase as scheduled

2 South China:

the overall trend of the "glass spot market in South China this week is general, the delivery speed of production enterprises has slightly slowed down on a ring basis, and the market confidence has not changed much. Recently, overseas glass has returned to the South China market, and the CIF price is relatively cheap. In addition, the two production lines that ignited in the early stage have been put into operation successively, increasing the local supply pressure. At present, the rainy season in southern China also restricts the consumption of glass. Recently, the speed of traders and processing enterprises purchasing the original film has slowed down. The quotations of some manufacturers rose. The ex warehouse speed of production enterprises in Central China has slowed down slightly on a ring basis, and manufacturers are mainly operating at prices

3 North China:

this week, the glass spot in North China continued its good state in the early stage, with active market transactions and a certain rise in spot prices. After the removal of production capacity in the early stage, the supply pressure of the local and surrounding areas has been effectively relieved. It has accelerated the de stocking speed of production enterprises, and the market sentiment has improved significantly month on month. In addition to local supply and demand, the number of sales in some border areas with the same interface was flat on Tuesday, with a decrease on a month on month basis. After the manufacturer destocked, the price rose significantly, and the price of some varieties and specifications increased. It is expected that the good transaction situation of spot goods in the later stage will continue for a period of time, which can also drive the activity of surrounding markets

4 southwest region:

this week, the glass spot market in southwest region was ok, and the quotation of production enterprises rose slightly, with general confidence

5 Northeast China:

the glass spot market in Northeast China is generally good this week, and the production capacity reduction in North China will help increase the sales volume of manufacturers in Northeast China

6 northwest region:

this week, the warehouse out of the northwest region's glass spot market has improved month on month, and the quotations of some manufacturers have increased, and the transaction is OK

aftermarket overview:

the overall trend of the glass spot market this week is stable, the quotation of manufacturers has increased, and the transaction has regional differentiation. On the whole, the low-cost inventory of traders and processing enterprises in the early stage is basically completed, and the scale is larger than that of the same period last year. On the one hand, the price was low in the early stage, on the other hand, the capacity reduction in North China exceeded expectations. Since May, the rising quotation of production enterprises has also promoted the improvement of market sentiment. Recently, the weather and seasonal market demand have weakened, which has a certain impact on the orders of processing enterprises. At the same time, under the influence of the clearing of production capacity and the improvement of enterprise efficiency, the recovery and increase of production capacity will be concentrated in the near future. The stability of spot prices in the later stage still comes from the increase of demand in the end market

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