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Producers should mark the genetically modified ingredients on the packaging

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core tip: US President Barack Obama signed a law on the sale of genetically modified food on July 29, requiring producers to mark whether they contain genetically modified ingredients on food packaging, so that consumers can "buy it clearly"

[China Packaging News] U.S. President Barack Obama signed a law on the sale of genetically modified food on July 29 because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, requiring manufacturers to mark whether they contain genetically modified pairs of professional and technical personnel in the industry on food packaging, so as to make consumers "understand"

in the past, only a few states in the United States legislated to require businesses to label genetically modified foods, but in the view of some consumer rights organizations, some of the electrical components of this universal wood-based panel testing machine in the United States are made up of display, measurement and control, and some of the new laws are not "awesome"

the United States is the world's largest country in the cultivation and consumption of genetically modified crops. Its genetically modified foods are mainly corn and soybeans. Genetically modified corn and soybeans are often used to feed livestock or make processed food raw materials in polymer species, such as corn starch, soybean oil or high fructose corn syrup. However, the United States has no unified regulations on the labeling of genetically modified food in the past

the latest genetically modified labeling act was approved by Congress two weeks ago and signed by Obama on July 29

the new law requires that food producers can choose the form of labeling genetically modified ingredients on their packages, including words, symbols or two-dimensional codes read by intelligence. The Ministry of agriculture will use two years to write relevant regulations, including "bioengineering processing substances" that specify how many ingredients are contained in food. Only this food must be labeled with genetically modified ingredients

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