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in 2018, the form of environmental protection was promoted again, and the supervision intensity also left the situation of environmental protection supervision in 2017 behind with three times the intensity, jumping to become the * * * intensity environmental protection supervision in history. Recently, the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the maintenance of the ecological environment and firmly fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control. Outstanding ecological environment is the internal requirement of realizing the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and the priority category of improving people's livelihood and well-being. In order to deepen learning, follow the thinking with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the party in the new era, win a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, comprehensively strengthen the maintenance of the ecological environment, fight a tough battle for pollution prevention and control, improve ecological civilization, and build a beautiful China, the following opinions are put forward. Changsha explosion-proof grinding and dust removal workbench has been deeply aware of the situation faced by the maintenance of the ecological environment. Since the beginning of the party, the construction of ecological civilization with comrades as the core has been an important part of the overall layout of promoting the "five in one" and the strategic layout of coordinating and promoting the "four comprehensives", planning to carry out a series of fundamental, long-term and groundbreaking operations. The grinding workbench uses the negative pressure environment generated by the fan to prevent the dust in the grinding area from escaping, and dedusts the waste gas through the dedusting equipment. Sometimes, air ducts are used for isolation to prevent the overflow of harmful gases in the grinding environment. Principle of grinding and dust removal workbench: the working process is generally as follows: the responsibility of the small panel control system generated by the smoke and dust through the fan is to make the equipment work efficiently. The negative pressure enters the purifier through the side exhaust outlet and the lower exhaust outlet, and the air flow enters the diversion channel. After the large particle dust collides with the flow guide plate, the large particle dust falls into the ash collection drawer under the action of gravity, and the dust containing small particles enters the filter room, The dusty gas passes through the filter element from the outer surface of the filter bag, and the dust is blocked on its surface by the filter element, which has the potential to be used in energy storage devices and composite materials. When the blocked dust is sure that the specified friction coefficient must be repeatedly deposited on the surface of the test core, the filter element is cleaned through the structure of a manual dust remover, It is also possible to apply dust to the filter cartridge by pulse injection, so that the dust particles accumulated on the filter cartridge according to the new needs of Dongguan manufacturing industry will be separated from the surface of the filter cartridge under the action of vibration and fall into the dust collection drawer, so that the whole surface of the filter cartridge can be cleaned, and the purified air is discharged by the air duct and fan. The grinding position is relatively accurate. High negative pressure grinding treatment - putty grinding, large workpiece grinding, workpiece grinding with complex structure. The workbench can exhaust air behind or below the workbench through the surface grille before pollutants enter the breathing area. Smoke and light particles are mainly pumped by the air flow behind, and heavier particles will fall into the dust drawer at the bottom of the workbench. Simple and flexible installation: each workbench can be used alone or connected with other workbench or movable arm at the same time. The external fan can provide flexible extraction capacity: the recommended air volume is from 1.000m3/h to 4.000m3/h (590 to 2360cfm), which depends on the size of the workbench and the actual working conditions. Flexible installation method: This product can flexibly connect various types of filters, from small filterbox to modular filtermax. Flexible use: the side panel can be opened when processing long workpieces. The workbench has an earring that can be used for the grounding clip of the welding device

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