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China National Chemical Corporation: the "western base" of new materials is taking shape.

at the press conference of the third international new chemical materials summit held recently, fanxiaosen, deputy general manager of China National Chemical Corporation, told that "in April and may this year, Bluestar's two projects (aramid fiber II and high-performance special fiber) in Xinjin, Chengdu will be put into operation successively."

at the end of last year, the 50 t/a high performance special fiber project and the 1000 t/a aramid II project of Bluestar (Chengdu) new materials Co., Ltd. were started respectively

according to caoxianjun, the president of China Blue Chenguang Chemical Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., aramid fiber II and high-performance fiber can be used in aviation, aerospace, national defense and military industry, which will completely break the situation that high-performance aramid fiber depends on imported products and is controlled by others. At the same time, after the project is completed and put into operation, it will drive the upstream and downstream industries in Sichuan Province to develop new output value of more than 10 billion yuan

the above two projects are an important part of "1. Western base in non working state" of China National Chemical new materials

it is learned that China National Chemical Corporation has planned to establish four major industrialization bases nationwide, and the western base is the third of them. The scale of the base is second only to Tianjin Binhai New Area, covering an area of 2600 mu. The total investment planned in the early stage is more than 5billion yuan, focusing on the development of environmental protection and fine chemical industries such as special fibers and organosilicon. In the next step, CHEMCHINA will continue to increase investment and eventually build it into a super large industrialization base with investment and sales revenue exceeding 10billion yuan

renjianxin, general manager of Sinochem, once said to, "We have always emphasized 'old chemicals, new materials' to build our core competitiveness through technological progress in key areas and form a differentiated competitive advantage of new chemical materials and various chemical products. We will neither compete with upstream for resources nor downstream for markets. The driving force for the doubling of China's high-tech industry in the next 20 years will mainly be the good recyclability of this material, but also significantly reduce the waste generated from new materials. As a new material As an important field, new chemical materials will maintain high-speed development. "

especially at a time when the chemical industry has not fully recovered, new materials have become the hope of Sinochem to achieve industrial upgrading and increase revenue

it is reported that in the past year, Sinochem achieved an operating revenue of 113.5 billion yuan and a profit of 910million yuan, a decline compared with previous years

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