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as the basic core of the intelligent era, sensors and chips are expected to be put into production in 2019. In recent years, they have gradually become the industry of national focus. As a domestic well-known provider of high-end sensors, MEMS chips and IOT sensing system solutions based on advanced sensors and MEMS modules, xirenma was invited to participate in this event

at this achievement exhibition, xi'erma exhibited multi-film composite piezoelectric chips, PHM sensors and their systems, which can be widely used in smart transportation, smart industry, smart agriculture, smart city, energy and other fields to help the construction of Digital China. Among them, the wedge-shaped self-locking structure sensor, ultra micro sensor and multi film composite piezoelectric chip innovated and developed by Xi Ren ma have attracted wide attention from exhibitors and exhibitors from all walks of life

cuiyuying, chairman of the CPPCC Fujian Provincial Committee, visited the western people's horse booth to learn about relevant systems

the innovative wedge-shaped self-locking sensor attracted the attention of people from all walks of life

on May 7, Dr. nieyongzhong, chairman of the western people's horse, was invited to participate in the 2019 Quanzhou digital economy promotion conference, with nearly 500 experts and scholars in various fields related to the digital economy, entrepreneurs and even representatives affecting social stability, Discuss how Quanzhou can realize the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy through the two paths of digital industrialization and digitalization of the pre production lubrication industry, so as to stimulate the new kinetic energy of Quanzhou's real economy and cultivate a new engine for Quanzhou's digital economy to catch up with and surpass the development

at the conference, Dr. nieyongzhong delivered a keynote speech on the application of intelligent sensors in the industrial field. He said: the most important thing in Digital China is data. Data is an important asset in the era of artificial intelligence. The key to the cost of collecting and acquiring data due to different structures is sensors and related technologies. I have always believed that traditional products + sensors + operating systems + connectivity + cloud/big data will form disruptive industries or products. The combination of sensors and artificial intelligence can give machinery perception and wisdom to achieve comprehensive intelligence, which may be a major trend in Digital China

the Western horse focuses on the perception layer and the operating system layer of the perception layer. On the one hand, it provides sensors and system solutions for enterprises in the industrial field to help them achieve digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading; On the one hand, it provides data acquisition and supply terminals for big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve IOT fragmentation. The Western Horse hopes to give full play to its advantages in advanced sensor technology and help the construction of Digital China

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