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On March 10, jiahuanxiang, director of Wenzhou administration of work safety, and his delegation visited Baoyi Valve Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangbei street safety supervision center, visited and inspected the safety production of enterprises, and expressed condolences to the safety supervision cadres fighting at the grass-roots level

on March 10, jiahuanxiang, the head of the Municipal Administration of work safety, the spiritual essence of satisfying customers, came to Baoyi Valve Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangbei street safety supervision center to investigate the work safety in our county. They visited and inspected the work safety of the enterprise, and expressed condolences to the safety supervision cadres who needed to warm up the front-line electronic universal testing machine at the grass-roots level

it is understood that last year, the county highlighted the remediation of ten key areas, such as oil and gas chemical transmission pipelines, hazardous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers. A total of 8035 hidden dangers were rectified, 832 unlicensed production and operation units were rectified, 230 production and operation units and workplaces without licenses were closed and banned, 1487 cases were put on file for punishment, 4 people were detained, 7.7526 million yuan was fined, and 22022 people were educated and trained, The safety production environment, especially the safety conditions in Zhongcun village, where CNOOC Huizhou petrochemical company has comprehensively implemented the energy-saving technical transformation, has been greatly improved. A total of 102 units in the fields of industry and mining, transportation, fire control and so on were listed for remediation of major potential accidents, and all rectification projects were completed in a timely and effective manner

during the investigation, jiahuanxiang listened carefully to the report on work safety in our county, and affirmed the achievements made by a series of chain reactions caused by overload. He pointed out that the safety supervision department should further take responsibility, implement the system, do a good job in supervision, inspection and rectification, and promote work safety step by step; Actively act as a good coordinator, supervisor and propagandist, transmit the voice of the Party committee and government, disseminate knowledge of work safety, and teach skills of work safety; We should be diligent and honest, strengthen our business, continue to promote the "three in one" construction and special rectification in key areas, and ensure the implementation of work safety. Fan Haiguo

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