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China's wet jet manipulator market has entered a period of rapid expansion. Since the 1960s, western developed countries began to implement wet jet technology, and various wet jet machines have been developed and put into use. At present, in some western countries, wet concrete spraying machine has become the main equipment for concrete spraying, and the application rate in many countries has reached more than 80%. However, in China, the wet spraying technology started relatively late. Until the beginning of the 1990s, after years of unremitting efforts, the market was still blank. However, after 2010, with a number of powerful enterprises successively entering this field and launching a series of wet spraying machines, it is an important factor for the smooth implementation of experiments and the accuracy of experimental results. The industry began to achieve rapid development

wet shotcreting manipulator, as the main equipment for shotcreting and bolting support, can be widely used in the construction of mine roadways, railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, underground projects, foundation pits of high-rise buildings, military projects, etc. The survey shows that its large-scale application in China began with the construction of Menghua railway. According to a senior engineer of Mengxi Huazhong Railway Co., Ltd., at least a dozen wet shotcrete manipulator manufacturers have participated in the construction of Menghua railway tunnel, and more than 200 wet shotcrete manipulators have been invested in the whole line

it is learned that compared with the traditional dry spraying machine operation, the wet spraying manipulator operation can greatly reduce the dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle, and effectively eliminate the harm to workers' health

more importantly, the use of wet spraying manipulator can reduce the concrete rebound rate to about 15%, thus greatly improving the construction efficiency. Moreover, the water cement ratio is easy to control, which can greatly improve the quality of sprayed concrete. "The wet spray manipulator liberates manpower and reduces the amount of labor. The key is to save costs. According to the labor calculation, it only takes three people to change the labor of sevenoreight manual spray guns to large wet spray manipulator." An experienced wet spray machine operator said so

it is these advantages that have contributed to the rapid popularization of wet spray manipulator in China in recent years

the person in charge of a domestic brand wet spray machine said, "in general, the wet spray machines of several major mainstream brands are no worse than foreign brands in terms of stability and controllability. Pumping and hydraulic and electric control are already very mature. In some places, they are even better than foreign brands in dealing with some local problems. In addition, the convenience of the supply of accessories of domestic brands is difficult to compare with that of imported brands."

it is understood that due to the late start, there are not many truly competitive wet spray manipulator brands in the domestic market at present. As the mainstream brands in the market, Wuxin tunnel equipment, CRCC heavy industry, Changsha Keda, Jiale construction machinery and Henan Gengli occupy about 80% of the market share. According to the investigation of China Construction Machinery Trade on the application market of the main wet spray manipulator in Yunnan, Guichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi and Chongqing, the Wuxin tunnel wet spray manipulator has a market share of 38.7% and has obvious market advantages

current brand share of wet spray manipulator in main domestic markets

Wuxin tunnel installation is an important participant in the construction of Menghua railway. In the Wanrong tunnel in Wanrong County, Shanxi Province, 6 chp25b truck mounted concrete shotcrete trucks participated in the construction. With their excellent performance in rebound rate control, spraying speed, spraying effect, investment cost, safety and environmental protection, they won high recognition from the construction company. In addition to Wanrong tunnel, the Wuxin tunnel chp25b wet spraying manipulator is widely used in Jiulingshan tunnel, miaoping tunnel, Yangcheng tunnel, hongshiwan tunnel, Ruyi tunnel, Yan'an tunnel and other projects of Menghua railway project. The survey shows that up to now, the Wuxin tunnel wet spray manipulator has served more than 500 construction sites in China

on the whole, after the rapid development in recent years, the main brands of domestic wet spray manipulator have made significant progress in product performance. Their products have their own strengths. Their stability and reliability have been verified by the market, and they are not lost in the competition with imported brands

according to the understanding of China's construction machinery trade, in recent years, with the strong promotion of industry enterprises, the wet spray manipulator industry is developing at a rapid pace, but the industry development is not smooth, and is also troubled by a series of problems, the first is the lack of excellent operators

"the maximum spraying volume can reach 30m3/h. Compared with the traditional small wet spraying equipment, the construction cost per kilometer can be saved by more than one million yuan." For one of its main products, a wet spray manipulator enterprise described it this way

however, this is only a theoretical value, which is difficult to achieve in actual construction. For one thing, in order to better extend the service life of the equipment, the equipment generally will not run at full load (generally controlled at about 20 square meters); Secondly, it is also the most important. The level of operators is uneven, and rarely can maximize the effectiveness of the equipment

according to the survey, since the wet spraying manipulator has not been used in large scale in China for a long time, and there is a lack of skilled operators, a common difficulty faced by construction enterprises in purchasing wet spraying manipulator is that they can not find skilled operators. However, in response to this problem, the wet spraying manipulator manufacturers took the initiative to train or provide operators for the construction enterprises, and provide operators when selling equipment to the construction enterprises, thus alleviating this problem to a certain extent

in addition, the non-standard operation of construction enterprises is also an important factor affecting the promotion of wet spraying manipulator. When some construction enterprises use wet shotcrete manipulator, the quality of concrete can not reach the national standard, and the equipment problems are caused by the unqualified materials. This is not uncommon. However, in this case, the construction party often blames the quality problems of the equipment itself, which affects the trust and acceptance of the wet spraying manipulator

similarly, there are equipment maintenance problems. Construction enterprises generally have a weak sense of maintenance. Some equipment managers in construction enterprises have no maintenance concept at all, which leads to the long-term "sub-health" status of the equipment. If some hidden dangers are not handled in time, they will gradually develop into faults, and eventually lead to the reduction of the service life of the equipment

therefore, the patient communication between the wet spraying manipulator enterprise and the construction party is very important. After all, in the stage of new product promotion, the public praise of old users will greatly affect the purchase intention of new users

in general, the percussion and hand pressing methods can be adopted to deal with such situations. The support of national industrial policies, the support of infrastructure construction such as railways and expressways in downstream industries, and the active implementation of the continuous investment in the whole process of enterprise opening up online management, as well as the promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, have brought significant development opportunities to the tunnel construction equipment industry. At the same time, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of shotcrete quality requirements, more and more wet concrete sprayers will be put into use

looking forward to the future, after the rapid development in the past few years, the domestic wet spray manipulator industry is expected to continue to maintain a rapid upward momentum, and the development prospect is very broad. According to preliminary statistics, since the beginning of this year, the market sales of key enterprises in the industry have increased by more than 30% compared with the same period in 2016

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