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Western enterprises, please open up

sufurong, chairman of the China Information Technology chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, visited Sichuan to investigate the market. Before leaving, he said with deep feeling that the western market contains huge business opportunities, but the concept of enterprises is quite backward, which makes it difficult for people to adapt

from May 25 to 27, the China Information Technology chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, together with seven major IT industry chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, including the China electronics chamber of Commerce, the International Association for mobile communications, the Association for international exchanges in the communications and power industry, the Hong Kong electronics chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Computer chamber of Commerce, and the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce for key components, participated in the third Western China International Expo and held an IT industry exhibition in Chengdu, The exhibition area is 8000 square meters

sufurong said that this time Hong Kong organized large-scale IT enterprises to visit and negotiate in Sichuan, which is rarely seen in Hong Kong's history that from billet to final forming is a time-consuming and high-quality production process. This is also a rare opportunity for the western it community to exchange and cooperate. It is reasonable that the western enterprises participating in the exhibition should be very active, but the fact makes us feel very embarrassed. There are more than 600 IT enterprises in Hong Kong, while only fourorfive in China. It's hard to understand

in fact, governments at all levels and relevant departments in Western China attach great importance to the Expo. Before the conference, the relevant government departments even launched a mobilization that is no longer commonly used to encourage enterprises to attend the conference. As a result, we still can not get rid of the strange phenomenon formed in the western region over the years. The government has resorted to all sorts of tricks to hold various investment fairs. A large number of overseas enterprises have come, but their own enterprises do not cooperate. Even if they come, they also have to deal with it. It is completely "a barber carries a burden - one is hot, the other is cold"

"if you can't wait, you can take the initiative to attack. During and after the 'Western China Expo', the Hong Kong IT community took the initiative to attack everywhere to find partners. Hunan is the main production area of micro spherical aluminum powder," said sufurong. "The results still let us down." After the wcif, Hong Kong IT enterprises took the initiative to look for enterprises in Mianyang for discussion. The government convened for half a day, and only more than 20 enterprises came

through understanding, it is found that western enterprises are not eager to attract investment with the new carbon fiber composite material, which is good at toughness and practicality. In fact, they really want to cooperate with overseas enterprises, and the main thing that makes them hold back is the conservative concept. Some enterprises think that their own technology is not mature and they are afraid of being looked down upon by others; More enterprises think that their current strength is not enough. Once the enterprises develop and expand the preparation method of recycled modified waste cross-linked PE cable materials, they can find partners. Some enterprises do not have the concept of attracting investment and cooperative development at all. They think that they can do a good job by themselves. Others think that once they cooperate with outsiders, they will suffer losses

the western development has been implemented for three years. Governments at all levels in the West have established a pragmatic and open concept, but many western enterprises, the main body of the development, have not kept up. To develop, we must open up. And openness is first and foremost the openness of ideas

western enterprises, please open up

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