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In summer, the high temperature is really magnificent. Thousands of miles of "barbecue", thousands of miles of "meat fragrance"... Netizens chanted: there is only a pinch of cumin between me and barbecue; There is only a head of garlic between me and scallops. How many ice watermelons are useless, the big fan also brings hot air bursts, and the air conditioner emits money day and night. The key is to be listless at work, upset, irritable and irritable Can we have a good summer! At this time, it's time for it to appear! Quickly change a healthy way to cool down! There is a super cool and ingenious overall background wallboard here, which can solve the worries of summer

less trouble and more conciseness. The unique artistic and functional Chinese style, the concise and refined dark solid wood wall panel decorative lines, let the simple and infinite spread of synchronous teak color solid wood wall panel, concave and convex overall shape, let the room instantly go out of the plane limitations. Landscape, green, fresh visual experience, can bring bursts of coolness at the bottom of my heart! In the hot summer, there is no gorgeous color, only simple, artistic flowing lines and beautiful light and shadow effects. Such a vast space makes people excited! The background wall of olaiman can be customized for the whole house, and the whole room can not only maintain the "simple and versatile" style needed in summer, but also make all homes "look comfortable and feel cool". The unique sound insulation and heat insulation characteristics of the overall background wall of olaiman also properly solve the troubles of the summer room

olaiman's background wall is free to attract investment and join the country, with manufacturers' delivery, ultra-low cost, real small investment and high return Participating in the Beijing International Building Materials Exhibition every year, more than 600 dealers across the country have guaranteed quality and reputation. After joining olaiman, they immediately enjoy the eight joining policy support of free joining, one-stop service, regional protection, free samples, and free marketing programs. Support to visit our headquarters and teach you how to install and communicate with customers free of charge. Our business: soft bag series, carved hard bag series, full embroidery series, hand-painted series, solid wood wallboard background wall series, solid wood line series




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