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Netizens talk about the decoration market in Shanghai

comparison of the building materials market in the northeast of Shanghai - share some experience with you

I heard about Yishan Road long before the decoration began, and I confirmed that I didn't go less after the decoration began. There are a lot of building materials markets around Yishan Road, and there is a lot of room for selection. However, for students like me who live in the Northeast (my family is in Hongkou, my husband is in Baoshan, and my new home is also in Baoshan), the round-trip fare is still very considerable, especially after the subway price rise

summarizing the experience of these two months, I think Yishan Road is good, but it is too inconvenient for students in the northeast, Besides, some things on Yishan Road are relatively expensive due to its fame. Therefore, I suggest you, in addition to some large items, such as cabinets, furniture, etc., you can completely solve other things nearby. Moreover, according to the comparison of this period of time, I think the price of building materials market in Northeast China is relatively low on the whole. Although there is nothing special, it is more than enough to meet the general decoration requirements

in addition to B & Q, Haomeijia and HAOWEIJIA, the building materials markets in Northeast China are relatively large: Chengda building materials, jianpeilong, GuangYue Road, etc. here are my comments on these markets I have visited

Chengda building materials

&8226; Transportation: ★★★★★

Chengda is located at the JIANGCHANG intersection of Gonghexin Road, opposite to B & Q and RT Mart. As long as the buses along Gonghexin Road get there, the subway can also get there

&8226; Environment: ★★★★

the environment of the city is fairly good. It is divided into three areas. The north area has two floors. The upper floor is full of curtains, and the lower floor is full of doors and tiles. The middle area is full of small things, such as hardware and water pipes. There is a lamp city at the southernmost

&8226; Tips:

1. Chengda still has a complete set of things, which can be basically solved in a one-stop way. This is probably the building materials market that I have run the most since decoration. First, it is convenient, and second, it has a relatively complete range of things. If you can't buy it, you can go to B & Q opposite

2. The things here are really cheaper than most group purchases, of course, with the exception of rush buying activities. For example, Simon switch, 2 eyes +3 eyes, generally the online group purchase price is 7.8 yuan, and here 7 yuan can be done. Generally, the quotation of Simon switch here is 4.5% off the original price. If you have the gift of bargaining, it can be cheaper. If you are as stupid as me, that's the only way

3. I would like to recommend a store that sells kitchen hardware. The number seems to be 110 (I'm not advertising, please don't misunderstand). I compared it. The price of this store is a little cheaper than that of Jiawang hardware, which is not inferior to that of group purchase. If you are close to here, you really don't need to go far. The boss of this house is quite cool, and the offer price is cheaper than the group purchase price of Jiawang. He also gives some accessories, such as supporting hanging. I bought a slanted two-story seasoning house here. The one hanging on the wall allows the boss to match a long hanging dry, and soft grinding hard cover requires several s hooks. Hee hee, it basically meets the requirements of the kitchen. He was originally interested in many hardware here, but unfortunately, the kitchen is too small to fit...

4 There is a large curtain Market on the second floor here. My mother spent an afternoon shopping last weekend. Oh, by the way, there are also bedding. The quotation of curtains here is similar to that of Jiangwan light textile market, but there is a lot of room for selection. As for the accessories, after listening roughly, it seems that it is 10 fast/meter, and the lead wire is 5 fast. However, they have not been asked to calculate the total price. I don't know if there are other flower heads. However, according to my observation, there should be no problem with a 20% discount on the total price! Because the furniture has not yet entered, the curtain is still in a wait-and-see period, so much to say


&8226; Transportation: ★★★

jianpeilong is located on Changyi Road, a small road near Yixian Road and military highway, which is very biased. Fortunately, he has a free shuttle bus. If he is free that day, you can call him to pick him up and have a look. Anyway, it's free! Just go shopping. You can check their website at com。 But please note that if you want to go on the weekend, you'd better make an appointment before 5 o'clock the day before, because there are many people on the weekend, and the car will be nervous. Also, don't think he will be picked up by special bus. It's impossible. There is a queue to go back and forth. Generally, it takes about half an hour, and it's impossible to be on call. Another point is that if you don't buy things there, you can only go back to the original place. Only after you buy things, can you let him send them elsewhere

&8226; Environment: ★★★★

is relatively large, and the decoration is OK. His eastern district sells timber, which is basically open-air, the central district is a large building materials supermarket owned by jianpeilong, and the western district is basically a facade rented to others, which has everything

&8226; Tips:

I don't go to jianpeilong very much (the main round-trip time is too long). My impression is fairly good. If I buy something in the central area, I don't need your bargaining. He will automatically give you a 85% discount, and it's strange that he won't explain it in advance. When I first bought something, I thought I made a profit. I didn't expect to buy anything at the same discount, hehe

Guangyue road

&8226; Transportation: ★★

Guangyue road is located at the intersection of Guangyue road and Guangling 4th Road, opposite to Hongkou Metro. To be honest, the traffic here is not convenient. If it weren't for the proximity of my home, I wouldn't be here

&8226; Environment: ★★★

compared with the environment of the other two companies, GuangYue Road market is far away. After all, it has been many years and can't keep up with the times

&8226; Tips:

1. GuangYue Road market is not small, basically, you can buy anything, but compared with the other two, there is also a distance in scale

2. The only advantage over the other two may be the price. If you think you have a good understanding of building materials, have time and can negotiate prices, you are recommended to go to Guangyue road. The price here will be the lowest among several. But the premise is that you should know something about it, otherwise you may be switched by JS

now that I've said it, let's also talk about other chain stores here

opposite Chengda building materials is B & Q. the original Oubeide is not very crowded, and it's very comfortable to shop, but the place is a little smaller than that on Huangxing Road

a new decorator opened on Wenshui road not far away. Because it was newly opened and was no longer on the main road of Gonghe new road, it was not very popular, but it also carried out regular promotional activities

opposite Baoshan Carrefour is Haomeijia, a large-scale one. However, I feel that Haomeijia is not as good as B & Q, so I shop more and buy less

there is a 900 household in the Central Plains area. Next door is a relatively simple building materials market. I don't know the name. I didn't go there much because it was not very convenient for me

Zhabei plywood market

the transportation is very convenient. Those who live with Chengda building materials and Zhabei B & Q are just opposite RT Mart. There are many things in this market, and the market seems to be quite famous

but I really didn't study these things for fear of being biased, so I didn't buy anything here. The decoration at home is useless even carpentry. All of them are ready-made, hehe

if you need this material, you might as well go and have a look. It's said to be very cheap. But they won't deliver goods if they buy less

Liuying road lighting market

the transportation is not very convenient, and there don't seem to be many buses. However, it's very close to our home, and you can get to

by bike. The market is large, with two parts. One is located in a building, which seems to have four or five floors. The environment is OK, relatively formal. At the back of this building is another large block, which are rows of bungalows, and the environment is relatively poor

although the lamp Market in Liuying road is large, it actually looks similar in style. It is no problem to meet general needs, but it is not innovative. If you like trendy things, you'd better go to Caoxi road to decorate your home

the prices of things here are chaotic. You must shop around. You have to bargain with them every time. Basically, you can almost know the bottom price of this thing by asking twoorthree stores. To be honest, the lights here are really cheap. Generally, the three head meal lights can be done here for a little over 100 yuan. The same thing can be more than 300 when it comes to B & q. There is also a popular reading lamp with a large arc near the sofa. I can see more than 1000 reading lamps at home, but only more than 300 reading lamps here. Obviously, it is not a heavyweight. I just don't know the quality of things. I need to use used JM to share experience





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