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Indeed, in the context of inflation, everyone hopes that the money in their hands can be used to the best of their ability, and if they can save, they will save. People with decoration experience are even more familiar with the way of decoration: when decorating, we should give full play to the ability of saving money from all aspects and angles, and reduce unnecessary waste. In this way, we can save a considerable cost. But professionals also warned that those who can save money should try to save, and those who cannot do so should not

here, Xiaobian reminds the owners who are busy with decoration, although the decoration price increases “ The storm is coming ”, But not all decoration materials can “ Economize on food and clothing ”, The following four categories of hardware products cannot be implemented “ Shrinkage ” Oh

waterproof materials

waterproof and water and electricity transformation are concealed works, and improper handling will lead to potential safety hazards. Although the cost of professional large companies is high, higher wiring standards and professional line reconstruction are essential. For second-hand houses, it is best to do a new closed water test in the bathroom space to check how the previous waterproof treatment is done. If there are problems, we must do it again

environmental protection materials

wall paint is the culprit of indoor air pollution, and the quality of wood-based panels is also directly related to the content of indoor formaldehyde. In addition to these main materials with high environmental requirements, the harmful substances released by auxiliary materials such as glass glue can not be underestimated, so we must choose building materials supermarkets and specialty stores with guaranteed quality to buy products of big brands. If you buy fake goods in small stores for the sake of cheap, it will do more harm to your body in the future

hardware accessories

when using hardware accessories, the difference between good and bad products is very obvious. We should choose products with good materials as much as possible, which is the basic principle of choosing hardware. Of course, money should be spent wisely. Some online shopping stores recommended by everyone on the decoration Forum can be collected and compared

electrical products

there are problems in the quality, installation or after-sales of heating, resulting in serious burst and water leakage. Switch sockets and other fake goods are the most, and the occurrence of electric shock and leakage will put families at great risk. Such safety related products must also be purchased in building materials supermarkets and specialty stores. Especially families with small children also need to consider choosing safety products with special protective measures





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