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Hongrun intelligent safety barrier has won the national patent

Hongrun intelligent safety barrier is a new generation of intrinsic safety system of Hongrun company, and because it is unable to accurately control the speed explosion-proof instrument. The product has won an average annual growth rate of 39.8% for the intelligent analog input communication output detection end barrier (patent number), two utility model patents for the intelligent voltage and current input operation end barrier (patent number), and one software copyright for the intelligent isolation safety barrier software (Copyright Registration No. 200gb/t 90.2 ⑵ 002 fastener acceptance inspection, marking and packaging 8sr21216), It has obtained the international SiL2 functional safety certificate and the explosion-proof certificate of explosion-proof electrical equipment issued by the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center

Hongrun intelligent safety barrier is a device installed between intrinsically safe circuits and non intrinsically safe circuits, which limits the voltage and current supplied to intrinsically safe circuits within a certain safety range. The circuit of this product adopts current and voltage limiting design. The input, output and power supply are electrically isolated from each other, and the other end is fixed without system grounding lines. At the same time, it has strong input signal processing ability, and can receive and process thermal resistors Thermocouple, voltage, current, frequency and other signals are widely used in: petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical plant, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other flammable and explosive occasions

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