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Hongli Zhihui actively explores the smart streetlights under the 5g wave

in recent years, the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the planning and construction of smart cities. Not only has the national level launched many policies related to modern agricultural standards since 2012, but 95% of sub provincial cities and 83% of prefecture level cities at the local level, with a total of more than 500 cities proposing to build smart cities in the local government work plan

1. National policies strongly support

among them, many provinces mentioned 5g, and more than 15 provinces clearly proposed to build "smart cities, multi-purpose, smart light poles". Smart lighting is an important part of smart city, and smart street lamp is the best carrier to improve the production efficiency of smart city. The charm of smart street lamps lies in that, in addition to the basic lighting functions, they also have many functions, such as intelligent light regulation, traffic flow monitoring, cleaning resin on the new screw can be cleared with copper scraper and brush, energy vehicle charging, urban WiFi, LED display screen and so on. Smart streetlights equipped with such security monitoring cameras, environmental monitors, and 5g micro base station equipment have just become a very important data acquisition port for smart city construction

2. Actively promote smart streetlights

Guangzhou Zhongying Gongyuan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongying Gongyuan"), was founded in 2011. It has the second-class construction qualification of energy-saving service company filed by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance, and professional contracting of urban and road lighting projects. It is the application, promotion, and application of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy technology, and smart city lighting Service and integrated solution provider

as a pioneer in the development route of smart city, Zhongying Gongyuan has made a long-term attempt and preparation to realize the intelligent management resource sharing, data exchange and comprehensive application of various urban public facilities. Relying on the good brand effect, state-owned capital platform and financial strength of Luzhou Laojiao group, the major shareholder, and the strong technological R & D and manufacturing strength of Hongli Zhihui group, the parent company, Zhongying Gongyuan has integrated the top resources in the industry and professionally served the government's smart street lamp transformation project. The company adopts the "epc+f mode" to participate in government landscape lighting projects, smart street lamp construction and energy-saving transformation projects, revitalize government assets, reduce the debt ratio of government financing platforms, and help the government achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

over the years, Zhongying Gongyuan has accumulated rich experience in the implementation of urban street lamp energy-saving transformation and landscape lighting, and has participated in many domestic large-scale urban lighting transformation projects, with more than 200000 street lamps installed. Based on years of practical experience, it has successively carried out intelligent transformation in Guangzhou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Urumqi, Jining and other cities, and installed pilot smart street lamps, which have been unanimously recognized by the owners

3. Hongli Zhihui smart street lamp application

Nanchang led Museum smart street lamp project

Guangzhou smart street lamp project

the smart lighting market is surging, and the popularization of smart technology and market needs to be accelerated. With the advent of the 5g era, mankind will enter the era of Internet of things, and the construction of smart cities to meet the needs of information and communication equipment will also enter a new stage. Zhongying Gongyuan will further strengthen the company's competitive advantage in the field of lighting, strive to become a high-quality enterprise in the field of smart light poles and smart cities, integrate industry platform resources, and work together to create a better 5g future, so that smart lighting can serve more cities and light up wonderful life

4. Some project cases of the company

Lupu Bridge of Shanghai WorldExpo

road lighting in Guangzhou urban area

Zhuhai Road Lighting

Guangzhou newspaper culture center

landscape lighting in the central business district of Nanchang Honggutan New Area

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