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On December 4, Hong Kong yanjinghang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Kong yanjinghang") and ATEX once again joined hands. Following the successful technical exchange solution distribution conferences held in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu in July this year, another technical exchange conference was held in Beijing to further launch a new batch of printing equipment at the forefront of the industry to the north

the new products they launched at this press conference include UV series traditional plate CTP, simulator printer simulation system, Yanjing "denafu" scanning reader scanrendcyk100 and other technical products. These products represent the best achievements and the most cutting-edge technical concepts in the current printing equipment field

atex is a leading global provider of software solutions and services in the media industry. It is proficient in developing and configuring solutions for key businesses, such as advertising, editing, distribution and business intelligence. It has established strategic partnerships with IBM, media spectrum and other companies, and has long been well-known in China. At the beginning of this year, ATEX signed an agreement with Hong Kong Yanjing bank, which is fully responsible for ATEX's business agency in China, which also establishes Hong Kong Yanjing's position in the field of printing equipment supply to a certain extent

printing press simulator is a set of powerful multimedia printing simulation operating system software developed by many well-known experts and printing enterprises in Europe of cenaps company in France to train printing principles and printing machine operation skills for printing colleges and enterprises. The software won the title of the best training software in Europe and the award of GAT finter Tech a, And has been recognized by the printing industry

at the press conference, Wang Demao, chairman of China printing and Equipment Association, Mao Shitong, director of the printing management office of the General Administration of publishing, Shen Zhongkang of China Printing Technology Association, Zhang Qinglian, Secretary General of Beijing Printing Association and other senior people in the industry were very interested in these two products and put forward many rationalization suggestions. The press conference of Hong Kong Yanjing bank not only showed their new products, but also promoted the mutual learning and exchange of insiders

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