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Hongrun company held 2015 Spring Festival cultural and recreational activities

in order to vigorously develop corporate culture and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Hongrun company employees, Hongrun company held 2015 Hongrun karaoke Spring Festival Gala and Spring Festival garden activities

at 19:00 p.m. on January 14, Valentine's day, Hongrun company held the 2015 Hongrun karaoke Spring Festival Gala song competition in the auditorium on the fourth floor. Driven by the song "willingly" by the chairman of the company Lin Shanping, the competition officially began. Eleven contestants put all their efforts into the song competition to punch the cup mold code, showing their own style and characteristics with the best mental outlook. As the program goes on, the atmosphere is more and more enthusiastic, and the program is more and more wonderful. One song after another sings out that love is in Hongrun, love is in Hongrun, and the beautiful tomorrow of Hongrun is sung! The singing at the scene of the party rose from wave to wave, and the enthusiastic applause and cheers of the audience broke out from time to time. After intense competition, the Spring Festival Gala lasted for an hour and a half. Finally, Chen Yan won the crown with a song "agreement". Yang Hao's "how" and WU Weimin's "Chinese" won the second place, Zhao Jie's "don't be afraid of my sadness", Wang Feng's "beautiful grass, my home" and Xu Jinmei's "invisible wings" won the third place, and the rest of the contestants won the excellent award

at 1:30 p.m. on January 15, with the enthusiastic participation of all staff, the Hongrun Spring Festival garden tour officially began. The staff carefully prepared a number of interesting games and activities such as football shooting, guessing, turntable, ferrule, team tug of war and so on for the videos coming to the garden. Although the drizzle was continuous on that day, the activity field made the layout and sales become the foundation of the development of leading enterprises; In the field of engineering projects, the site was forced to move to the second floor of the workshop, and the indoor organic sheet was playing a pioneering role, but the enthusiasm of employees to participate in garden activities was not affected, and the scene was crowded and lively. Throw in, kick to the left, come on! come on. The cries of one after another spread throughout the scene, and the employees consciously lined up, waited patiently, talked and laughed, and looked forward to it. People's happy laughter came from time to time, and everyone spent a happy Spring Festival in laughter

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