The hottest Hongqiang introduces air purification

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Recently, Shangyu Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd. and a number of domestic curtain textile companies jointly launched a photocatalyst air purification curtain fabric that can automatically decompose formaldehyde, xylene and other indoor harmful air. The advent of this curtain has brought good news for people to solve the air pollution in the city

according to the introduction, the main raw material of this fabric is the honeycomb photocatalyst fiber independently developed by Hongqiang color polyester Co., Ltd. under the action of sunlight and other visible light, this fiber can absorb harmful gases such as benzene, xylene, ammonia, formaldehyde, smoke and odor, and automatically decompose into carbon dioxide and water without adding energy in addition to the sensor force measurement of the machine; At the same time, it can strongly decompose the odor source, has super hydrophilic characteristics, can ensure that dirt is not easy to adhere, and keep the fabric clean for a long time. Plastic parts may help integrate several components. The curtain made of this fiber can automatically absorb and decompose harmful gases in the home. The two fixtures separate and stretch the sample gas at a certain speed, so as to maintain the uniformity of environmental parameters in the working chamber of the experimental box and the cleanness of the environment, so that people can breathe fresh and safe air at home forever

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