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Hongge technology won the "2011 most competitive innovative product award"

Hongge technology wise programmable intelligent controller with innovative design, high performance and other product features, after winning the 20th Taiwan boutique award, stood out again and won the 2011 most competitive innovative product award in the field of automation in China

the annual most competitive innovative product award in the field of automation in China is recommended by enterprises. It is produced through the screening of the shortlist voting, expert evaluation, user evaluation and other stages, and then from the aspects of product function, innovation, practicality, openness, sales performance, application effect, market share and so on. Hongge technology wise programmable intelligent controller is highly praised by experts and users in the industry for its simplicity, which represents an important step taken in the field of high-speed automatic sorting and plastic reclassification. It is well deserved to win the 2011 most competitive innovative product award

Mr. Xie Congmin, general manager of Hongge technology, attended the award ceremony in person. The event was hosted by the China Society of automation and co organized by the China instrumentation industry association, the China Computer Industry Association, the China Petroleum and chemical automation application Association, the National Machinery Safety Standardization Technical Committee and the national industrial process measurement and control Standardization Technical Committee, Li Keqiang, the premier of the State Council and the organizer of automation Expo control, investigated the construction of Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway in Changsha, Hunan Province and pointed out that the China Automation Industry Annual Conference 2012 and the seventh China automation industry century trip were grandly held at Beijing four seasons Royal Park International Hotel on the afternoon of April 12

At the same time, Mr. Xie Congmin, as an award-winning manufacturer of innovative products, said that Hongge technology has been involved in the field of automation control for many years, and has invested a lot of money in product research and development every year. He has always been responsible for introducing more and more updated technologies and products to serve customers. This is another honor won after wise products won the 20th Taiwan boutique Award for consecutive times, and it also represents the recognition of industry experts and insiders for Hongge technology's R & D strength

Mr. Xie spoke on behalf of the award-winning manufacturers of innovative products

about wise

wise (WEB inside, smart engine) is an intelligent controller with multiple functions such as logic control and remote monitoring notification developed by Hongge technology. In this system, the user is no longer troubled by the writing of the logic program in the controller, but only needs to stab the 1 end of the specimen into the fixed chuck through the man-machine screen and mouse click action provided by wise to complete the planning of the working logic on the controller. The process is simple and fast, which can greatly reduce the user's time and cost in system development

wise products in terms of i/o function support, in addition to connecting with Hongge technology's XW board, I-7000 and other i/o modules, they can also connect with standard Modbus RTU devices to provide users with more diversified i/o module choices according to the needs of various application fields. With the data recording function of micro SD card, it also provides real-time recording of i/o information changes in the application field in the form of period or event trigger, and automatically transmits the data file to the manager in the form of FTP or email for data analysis and processing. In addition, with the trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, wise's 2.0W ultra-low power design has further reduced energy consumption and is fully in line with the concept of green product design

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