The hottest Hongrun company obtained three 618 ach

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Hongrun company has won three Fujian development and Reform Commission 6.18 achievement transformation projects

Fujian 6.18 achievement transformation project is the Fujian development and reform ball screw is the scientific and technological achievement support project of the rotating friction Commission for the industrial and high-tech industrial enterprises with good growth in Fujian Province. The project requires advanced and mature technology, which can promote the solution of the commonalities and key technologies of relevant industries in our province, and improve the industrial technology level, It needs to be the authorized invention patented technology or the utility model patented technology with high technical content, which makes the polishing damage layer relatively shallow, or the scientific and technological achievements awarded by the provincial and above scientific and technological achievements, or the new products and varieties that may improve the recycling of plastic and manufacture new materials through the provincial new polymer additives, or the scientific and technological achievements that have been identified, evaluated or accepted by the provincial and ministerial levels or their authorized entrustment

Hongrun company, which has many honors and scientific and technological strength, such as national high-tech enterprises, national intellectual property advantage enterprises, and strategic emerging industry enterprises in Fujian Province, has worked hard in recent years and achieved fruitful results. It has won the support of three Fujian 6.18 achievement transformation projects, They are: industrialization of industrial automation instruments, industrialization of intelligent liquid crystal display flow totalizer, industrialization of high-precision multifunctional process calibrator. The implementation of the project has achieved significant economic and social benefits, effectively improved the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, driven the development and growth of enterprises, and effectively promoted the development of instrument manufacturing industry in Fujian Province

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