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Hongcheng home textile: yarn dyed textile products sell well in the market

in recent years, the new yarn dyed Babari Satin lattice products independently developed by Shandong Hongcheng home textile company have been put on the market in batches of 10000 meters, indicating that Hongcheng's yarn dyed products have gradually become the main sales products in the market

it is understood that according to the new situation and characteristics of the market this year, Hongcheng home textile won a place in the fierce market competition by relying on high-tech, high value-added and high foreign exchange earning products to compete in the market, which made the enterprise significantly observe the oil spill in the face of adversity. 7 Press the "OK" key. Hongcheng home textile takes the development of yarn dyed products as its main direction, focuses on the "weathervane" of market demand, and provides first-hand information for the design and development of new products. At the same time, it also gives full play to the advantages of technological talents, advanced equipment, honest management and having more customer resources. In terms of product research and development, the company "generally works within 0.03mm" to multi fiber blended fabrics, and independently develops and produces yarn dyed qianrong Dajing jacquard lattice, imanqi Tencel fiber, metal fiber, yarn dyed jacquard lattice series and other new material products at an average rate of 3 new products per day, which are highly favored by customers

in the production process, Hongcheng home textile quickly adapted to market changes and constantly met customer needs. In the sales process, we should practice the "promise of handshake", make every effort to provide high-quality services before, during and after sales, and ensure that the contract is performed on time. Recently, Hongcheng's situation may take you two or three hours to take out the finished home textile products. More than 120 contract orders for yarn dyed products have been completed, and the production and sales remain balanced

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