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Hong Kong zhongtianying Group intends to acquire Jilin paper industry

recently, the Guangdong Economic and trade delegation in Changchun and Jilin has achieved a lot, especially in the fields of manufacturing, medicine and deep processing of agricultural products, the north and the South have a lot to connect

Hong Kong zhongtianying group initially plans to acquire Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jilin paper), and wants to inject US $1billion to build Jilin paper into a large-scale production base of 600000 tons of high-grade cultural paper. By then, it will bring sevenoreight thousand employment opportunities to Jilin City

Qiu Xiaowei, chairman of zhongtianying group, said that Jilin paper industry used to be a relatively powerful enterprise in China, but in recent years, it has suffered continuous losses due to various reasons. Although Table 2: there are a large number of employees and equipment, both the system and equipment urgently need to be improved. The reason why they aim at Jilin paper industry is mainly because of the huge economic space and market potential in Northeast China in a few years. Specific cooperation needs to be studied

Qiu Xiaowei also said that he was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of Jilin people. He heard that zhongtianying was looking for cooperation with the paper mill in Jilin. An old mother also found him and invited them to visit the paper mill in Baicheng, their hometown. They have gained a lot from coming to Jilin this time. In addition to Jilin paper mill, they have a strong interest in many enterprises in Jilin Province. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, they can't investigate them one by one. He said that he would come to Jilin for more cooperation in a period of time

Jilin paper

the predecessor of Jilin paper mill, was founded in 1940 and resumed production after the liberation of Jilin City in 1948

on April 1st, 1993, with the approval of the economic system reform commission of Jilin Province, it was a joint stock limited company exclusively initiated by Jilin paper mill and established by means of directional raising. The company is one of the 500 largest industrial enterprises in China and 300 key supporting large backbone enterprises determined by the state. The production capacity of machine-made paper is 200000 tons, ranking first in the same industry in China; According to the current paper sales revenue, it ranks third among the paper production enterprises in China


zhongtianying (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd., English name is "Cty (HK) holding l plus the changing market demand TD", referred to as "Cty". It integrates industry, forestry, commerce, engineering, transportation, intermediary and other industries. The thermal conductivity of the 1st:eps board in the forest farm and wood processing plant with the management right of more than 30000 mu for 30 years is only about 0.030w/(m.k), and chemical plants

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