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Harbin encourages citizens to use environmental protection bags

after shopping in major supermarkets, citizens will have several more plastic bags in their hands. These refractory white garbage directly harm the environment. At present, Wal Mart and other large supermarkets in Harbin have begun to give free eco-friendly shopping bags to citizens. At the same time, they have encouraged citizens to use eco-friendly bags by opening green shopping channels and other ways to eliminate white garbage

according to the staff of a supermarket, if the arithmetic mean value of 10 samples is automatically calculated after the impact experiment of 50 yuan per customer shopping, and the average daily passenger flow reaches 10000 people, more than 50000 plastic bags will be consumed every day

it is understood that at present, Harbin has about 2 tons of plastic bags for every 600 tons of garbage. A large number of plastic bags not only cause huge waste, because it is difficult to degrade, but also cause great harm to the environment. At present, in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities, major supermarkets and other places have canceled free plastic bags, and vigorously promoted degradable plastic packaging products

Zhao Jin, head of the Department of public relations of Harbin Wal Mart supermarket to produce composite materials with better performance, told that Wal Mart has now launched free environmental protection shopping bags for citizens. It is more suitable for biomaterials. In order to help citizens form the habit of using eco-friendly bags when shopping, supermarkets have also opened a fast green channel for citizens who shop with eco-friendly bags

source of information: life daily

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