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Haoningda: acquisition of peer March IOT electronic tag

haoningda [0.00 0.00% stock bar] (002356) announced today that it plans to sign the equity transfer agreement with Wu Lihua, the natural person shareholder of Shenzhen Xianshi [0.86 0.00% Technology Co., Ltd., agreeing that the company will receive 52.47% equity of Xianshi technology held by Wu Lihua at the price of 42.9367 million yuan, and march into IOT RFID (radio frequency identification, also known as electronic tags)

according to the announcement, since the establishment of Xianshi technology to improve the bearing function of the park, it has been engaged in the R & D, production and sales of RFID electronic tag products and related software systems. Its products include RFID electronic tag readers, middleware, tag cards and application systems. The main representative products of the company are micro embedded modules, handheld readers and writers, integrated readers and writers and their related software systems with perfect overall structure. Its main business has not changed in the past three years

at present, Xianshi technology has the production experience and ability to produce more than 10000 sets of UHF RFID readers and writers per year. Its products have been widely used in domestic and foreign military logistics, urban vehicle management, border management, road and bridge tolls and tobacco logistics, production management, banking system and other fields. The announcement shows that the operating income of Xianshi technology in 2010 was 11.4671 million yuan, and the net profit was 624700 yuan. As of December 31, 2010, the total assets were 65.5854 million yuan and the net assets were 56.021 million yuan

haoningda said that automatic meter reading with an average annual growth of more than 20% is a form of IOT in its early stage, and smart electricity can also adopt the clamping method). It is one of the most important industrial applications of IOT. For haoningda, entering IOT RFID is a reasonable extension of its existing business. Haoningda and its holding subsidiary Shenzhen ruiba Technology Co., Ltd Wireless sensing and active RFID, as the key technology and equipment of IOT, have been studied for many years and achieved important results, while Xianshi technology is ahead of its domestic counterparts in passive RFID readers. The integration of the two sides is conducive to technological complementarity, improve each other's product lines, enhance their own technological advantages, and achieve a win-win situation

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