There are many key points of vehicle maintenance i

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There are many key points of vehicle maintenance in winter. What else have you not done

targeted maintenance is required for vehicles during the season change every year, so as to avoid the strike of vehicles in the new season. What small details should we pay attention to in winter

do not realize the The most ideal equipment for clearing rust, paint, scale, strengthening the surface and eliminating internal stress before coating the surface of metal structural parts. The negligible wiper

speaking of wiper, many people first associate it with being exclusive in summer. In fact, as an active safety accessory of car body, wiper is basically an accessory that may work all year round. Unlike in summer, melting snow in winter will cause muddy water on the ground, and the tires of the car in front will roll up the muddy water and throw it onto the windshield of the car behind, so a healthy wiper is very important

self inspection of wiper is very simple, When spraying glass water, he said: "Group divestment will improve the profit margin of the group. You can try it. If there are many scratches and the scratches are not clear, it is recommended to replace the wiper. As a vulnerable part, the wiper has a general service life of about years.

inconspicuous glass water

car owners in the South will basically not worry about glass water, but many car owners in the north will ignore the problem of glass water. After entering the freezing point temperature, if the freezing point of glass water does not meet the requirements, they are likely to Facing the situation that the glass kettle is frozen

when the minimum temperature in the local city is close to 10 ℃, you can spray all the glass water in the watering can, and pour it into the special glass water in winter. If you happen to forget to replace the glass water and cause the glass kettle to freeze, please don't pour it directly with boiled water. If possible, drive the car into the garage and let the glass water thaw by itself. If there are no conditions, you need to pour it slowly with tap water after heating up the car, which requires a certain amount of patience

reasonable tire pressure and tires

many people will think that the tire pressure in the tire will expand and contract, so many people change the tire pressure in different seasons. In fact, as long as the tire pressure is used according to the manufacturer's regulations. Due to driving in winter, the hot tire process of the tire may be relatively long, so the initial stage of driving after cold start must be slow. In addition, it is necessary to check the pattern wear of the tire. If the pattern is close to the wear limit, it should be replaced in time. In addition to preventing the occurrence of tire burst, it can also increase the snow grip ability in winter. If you need to drive in cold areas such as northeast China, you can consider replacing snow tires or bringing your own anti-skid chains in case of need

the price of recycled waste plastics is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years

storage batteries must be checked

batteries are very "sensitive" to low temperature, and the capacitance of batteries in low temperature environment is much lower than that at room temperature. Some batteries that have no problems in summer and autumn are likely to face power loss in winter. It is recommended that car owners check whether the starting voltage of the battery is enough before winter. If not, it is recommended to replace the battery with a new one

oil viscosity is very important

the oil prepared by current manufacturers can basically meet the needs of the city. Individual manufacturers or vehicle users may change the viscosity index of oil according to the actual use needs. If users in the South need to drive to the north in winter, or if owners in the North use special engine oil with high viscosity in summer, it is recommended to replace the special engine oil with better low-temperature fluidity before winter, so as to prevent difficulties in starting

check the freezing point of antifreeze

the function of antifreeze is to prevent the coolant from freezing, but the antifreeze is not once and for all. With the passage of time, the antifreeze performance of antifreeze decreases. In addition to replacing the antifreeze regularly according to the manufacturer's regulations, vehicles are prompted to check the freezing point of antifreeze every step of operation in professional stores before winter every year to prevent accidents on freezing

summary: Although snow melting agent will not be used in winter, it is still necessary to clean the appearance of the vehicle in time to maintain the gloss of the paint after the weather is fine and there is no snow on the road; In areas with frequent snowfall, you can buy a windshield snow cover or a snow shovel to prevent snow from accumulating in the glass

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