Changshu, China, a subsidiary of the hottest UPM,

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On May 16, the budget for the first three years of up was 10.6 million euros; The German Federal Ministry of education and research also invested 7million euros to fund the relevant research. Walkiwisa, a subsidiary of M, announced that its paper processing plant in Changshu, China, had been completed. The completion of this paper processing plant has made walkiwisa the largest paper packaging enterprise in China

the new factory will strive to serve the rapidly developing paper industry in China and the Asia Pacific region. This factory is located by the beautiful Yangtze River, only 1 "00 kilometers away from Shanghai

walkiwhra:20 ~ 8 (2) action objective 8isa company completed the construction of this plant in a short time and tight task, and the project lasted less than one year

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