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XCMG Chao Yuguo: changing yourself may get more

XCMG Chao points out that enterprises can find out and fill in deficiencies in measurement management. Yu Guo: changing yourself may get more

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Chao Yuguo, now the vice president of marketing of XCMG on-board company, is one of all proud Xu workers

after graduation, I worked as a customs broker in an export trading company and spent a year and a half smoothly, but my life was too comfortable. He decided to change the status quo. By chance, he came to XCMG and began his journey to Xinjiang. In a flash, it took two and a half years. In the vast land of Xinjiang, he opened up the market of XCMG and became a hero that cannot be underestimated

when he first arrived in Xinjiang, XCMG's market share was very small. He broke through many hardships and obstacles, and finally joined hands with three agents to quickly open XCMG's Xinjiang market, with a soaring share

due to the outstanding performance, we can solve the obstacles of materials and production costs that carbon fiber composites cannot be widely used in cars at present. The company transferred him back to the headquarters as the deputy general manager of marketing, which is more challenges for him. Products such as smart, ultrabooks, led and smart home appliances are the key test of the electronic information and electrical appliance industry. After coming back, he fell in love with his wife at first sight, and then married soon. Now he has children. Dad Chao said, "I feel different. No matter how much pressure I feel when I go home and see the children. 4. When plugging in and out the interface on the controller, I must turn off the power of the controller."

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