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Changshu Architectural Society held a seminar on insulating glass sun shading and heat insulation technology. On June 30, Changshu Architectural Society's building energy conservation professional committee organized experts in construction, design, building energy conservation and other aspects to discuss the technical route, technical performance, scalability (market prospect) and current policy and technical problems to be solved of the magnetic space built-in movable shutter insulating glass developed by Suzhou Hongfeng intelligent window industry Co., Ltd, After carefully listening to the product introduction made by the product R & D and production units and consulting the relevant text and image materials, the experts attended the meeting made a serious demonstration and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions

experts agreed that the hollow glass with built-in movable louvers in the magnetic space has solved the problems of sunshade and heat insulation in one product by setting movable louvers in the inner cavity of the hollow glass and using magnetic devices to control the opening, closing and angle adjustment of the louvers. The sunshade coefficient, heat transfer coefficient The sustainable development of new material industry such as light transmittance reduction coefficient is an inevitable choice to meet the sustainable development of economy and society. It is a good product with good technical indicators, good heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation performance, correct technical route and excellent product performance

the main problems are: the price is relatively expensive, but the built-in 2. Electrical appliances suddenly fail. If the movable shutter can completely replace the external sunshade (permitted by policy), it should be competitive and more suitable for residential buildings; The appearance of the product is single. If we can pay attention to diversity in product design and solve the problem of monotonous facade, the market prospect will be broader

experts said that production enterprises should ensure product quality, especially the quality of built-in shutters and magnetic control devices, and ensure service life; In terms of after-sales service, we should also consider that the on-site repair technology of built-in shutter and magnetic control device will eventually be developed one day. At the same time, we should pay close attention to applying for provincial new technology promotion certificates and patents; Speed up the technical connection with enterprises and design units such as doors and windows, put them on the market as soon as possible, and make contributions to building energy conservation

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