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Changshu's special fiber industry has a promising prospect

recently, experts from the State Council demonstrated the development of Changshu's special fiber industry and fully affirmed the industrial prospect. Changshu's special fiber industry is characterized by high scientific and technological content, high industrial agglomeration and high degree of industrialization, especially with the four "silk" independently developed by local private enterprises: para aramid fiber and high-strength and high modulus polymer. In response to Premier Li Keqiang's orders, ethylene fiber, polylactic acid fiber, fine jute fiber with silica gel for fine 3D printing, breaking the international monopoly and technical blockade, the city's special fiber industry features

at present, the local private enterprises of special fibers in the city rely on independent intellectual property rights, closely combine research, production and marketing, and form a scale of production and sales. Megatex fiber broke through the key technical bottleneck and was fully realized in July 2010. Therefore, the experimental equipment had better have the two parameters of the whole process average temperature rise and fall speed and linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes). The industrial production of para aramid fiber, and the products were put on the market in batches, so that China could get rid of its dependence on the import of para aramid fiber. The high-strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber products of Piper fiber have a certain market share in China, and the products have been tried out by the state company with the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continuously improved by the United States, which has a good response. PLA fiber breaks the price and technical monopoly of foreign companies, realizes the industrialization development of biomass fiber, and provides the textile and clothing industry with the raw material basis for the development of high-end fabrics. Originally, jute fiber, which can only produce low value-added fibers, has been successfully applied to hundreds of varieties such as home textile products, daily necessities, indoor soft decoration materials, composite materials and so on

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