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Response to various problems encountered in the sales process Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robot manufacturer

Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robot manufacturer Guide: when business owners add new Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robot equipment under the conditions of low profit earning rate, tight information resources and high financing cost, cost performance is the key point of the key points, and the central indicator is that the equipment is put back into this cycle. As far as ontology integrators are concerned, it is difficult for imported customers to completely choose central parts. Domestic central parts may replace self-developed central parts and become the selection of ontology integrators. Second: the small transformation that is easy to arrange a single link constitutes that the customer unit price of industrial robots does not come up, and adheres to the range of hundreds of thousands to millions

for the situation similar to that of Japan in the 1980s, the compound growth rate of this occupation can reach 30% in the next three years. In two to three years, Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robots will begin to grow abruptly. There are many key factors behind the vibration of automation and industrial robots. Dr. Feng Zhongpeng, a member of the Nepcon advisory board in 2014, said, "At first, with the rising cost prices of manpower and materials, the profit space was squeezed, and the surplus pressure faced by enterprises continued to increase. Although the price of automatic production equipment is expensive, its power is higher and its production capacity is larger. Some enterprises can recover the cost price in a few years. In the long run, they can invent more value than labor, and the rate of return is high; secondly, the popularity of production enterprises across the country has difficulties in recruiting workers, high recruitment costs, and labor activities Repeated questions. However, every project requires a good match of engineer resources, which can improve the probability of engineer resources and become one of the golden swords to improve the profitability. This puts forward challenges for the project layout. Easy layout can reduce the layout every moment, reduce the participation of engineers in the center of gravity, and then reduce the cost price. Above Changshu machine tools are the two most common operations about touch buttons. Loading and unloading robots are easy to operate. They are different from large customers at the boundary of cars. The staff are highly civilized, can combine high-precision sensors, and have full-time personnel participate in the preliminary training of equipment application. Long tail customers do not have the ability of professionals to learn messy buttons and operation instructions. Fool operation is the king. The ease of operation of human-computer interaction is one of the points where ontology integrators constantly optimize their needs

the annual installed capacity of Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robots in China will surpass Japan, reaching 32000, accounting for about 20% of the total overseas. With the rising labor costs in China's manufacturing industry, the continuous improvement of skill requirements, and the continuous shortening of robot cost prices, the industrial robot market will have a broad prospect in the future. From a global perspective, Europe and Japan are critical suppliers of industrial robots. Abb, kukabb, fabbnuc and yabbskabbwabb account for an important proportion of shopping malls for industrial robots with the strong support of all parties concerned. The United States has a certain advantage in the robot industry equivalent to housekeeping, while the industrialization of industrial robots has just begun

localization is one of the keys to the success of Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robot. ABB continues to improve localization and improve localization strategy: expand 6-8 ABB local enterprises in China every year; Set up local development teams and factories around the world to produce products for global customers; Provide customers with sales and service support in more than 80 cities across the country to better serve local customers; Through mutual assistance with local suppliers, agents and third parties to reduce costs and increase power. A large number of excellent local talents have made great contributions to the rapid promotion of ABB in. In addition to making further progress in localized construction, ABB Robot also continues to explore new business opportunities in the active career boundary to adhere to the rapid increase of its affairs

in recent years, the activity of production line operators has been greater than that of previous years. The "labor shortage" has forced enterprises to be willing to solve this problem. The increasingly serious requirements of production enterprises for product texture will inevitably speed up the schedule of active upgrading. Excellent texture urges enterprises to find the stability and accuracy in the production process, reduce errors and defect rates, and ensure the quality of products; And robots can also replace manual work in an environment that may cause a little harm to health. As a promising and important industry, Changshu machine tool loading and unloading robot industry can not be promoted without the support of goals

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