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Design part of the whole process of camera design and packaging (II)

II. PCB design

while determining the internal structure of the appearance, the hardware engineer can draw the schematic diagram according to the given internal structure size. The first is to determine the scheme. Since there are many schemes for the camera, it is necessary to determine the scheme first. Then you can use powerpcb software to start drawing schematic diagram

after the schematic diagram is drawn, convert it into a table, and then import the table into powerpcb in powerpcb to make a PCB file. Then open the temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ Deformation range: 0 (1) mm Deformation accuracy: 0.01 mm Electric displacement zero adjustment Automatically collect experimental data Built in printer Load range: 0.75n (5) 0n Test span: 60 ⑴ 20 ㎜ continuously adjustable Start to draw the PCB board frame, and first determine the positions of some fixed positions required by the mold, such as positioning holes, lamps and power sockets. Then the PCB board is laid out and wired. The layout is mainly to ensure that the high-power components should be separated from each other, and the filter capacitor should be close to its corresponding IC pin; The main considerations for wiring are as follows: the power supply and ground wire shall be as thick as possible, and the wires susceptible to interference shall be protected

then, sort out the BOM to see if there are any missing or extra components according to the schematic diagram. After the check is correct, you can send the prototype. There will be a certain period of time for the manufacture of the hand board. After the manufacture, it will be returned to the hardware engineer for component pasting and debugging. Debugging is to see the effect. If the effect is not satisfactory, continue to modify and debug to achieve the best effect repeatedly

general design process:

1 Determine the scheme, such as Zhongxing micro 7131r+301l, or mguang + Songhan 120, etc

2. Draw schematic diagram according to the scheme

3 Import schematic diagram into PCB file

4 Draw the fixed position required by the combustion box, control box frame and its mold

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5 Layout and wiring PCB

6. Sort BOM

7 After the inspection is correct, send the hand board

8. After the hand board is returned, attach the components, and then debug

9. After debugging, start production

III. mold manufacturing (the process takes about 30 days, not 30 days in fact)

the appearance design has been determined, that is, to turn the design in concept into a mold in reality. This stage is carried out simultaneously with PCB design. Because it is a newly opened mold, there are many problems to be solved from design to actual injection molding. Because if the product structure design is unreasonable, it is easy to cause various defects of the product: shrinkage, weld lines, pores, deformation, galling, top injury and flash. Therefore, in mold manufacturing, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the finished product processability and part performance, pay attention to the mold opening direction and parting surface, and try to eliminate the influence of parting line on the appearance, so as to ensure the beauty and performance of the mold

after the completion of the mold, the final inspection shall be conducted to confirm the shape difference between the product drawing and the real object (sample), confirm the surface roughness, strain and other problems, and confirm the overall length, width, height and curvature

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