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Design principle and main process description of construction machinery R & D and manufacturing base

1 introduction to bulldozer

bulldozer is a main type of earthwork machinery, which is divided into crawler type and tire type according to the walking mode. Crawler bulldozer is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, working device, electrical part, cab and hood, etc. Among them, mechanical and hydraulic transmission systems include hydraulic torque converter, coupling assembly, planetary gear power shift transmission, central transmission, steering industry trend and prediction of clutch and steering brake, final transmission and travel system

2 logistics of bulldozer production workshop

an annual output of 2000 bulldozers belongs to medium batch production. Since the assembly workshop and the welding workshop are in the same workshop, the production of the assembly workshop and the welding workshop should be coordinated. The upper workshop of the workshop is the welding area, and the lower workshop is the assembly area. This production mode that the assembly is perpendicular to the general assembly can effectively save the workshop area. The welding parts are transported to the assembly area through both sides of the workshop, After coating, it is put on the final assembly line together with the supporting parts. This assembly form conforms to the medium batch production mode, making the logistics more smooth. Jinan assay is classified according to performance. Refer to figure 2 for detailed logistics diagram

3 production process

according to the beat of 59.4 minutes/set, the general assembly line of bulldozer workshop in phase II of Tianjin Liugong project only needs to be completed by 1 production line. The general assembly line adopts the traditional assembly form of chain and trolley. The trolley will automatically call back from the underground after transporting the bulldozer to the completion of assembly. Due to different product varieties, the distance between supports can be adjusted by chain, which can save the use and accumulation of the plant

assembly process of bulldozer assembly:

cleaning - press mounting half shaft - main frame assembly (front shovel pipeline, primary wheel, horizontal shaft, balance beam pipeline) - on-line installation - Gearbox installation - flange, secondary wheel, tertiary wheel, housing - hydraulic pipeline (strainer) - steering clutch, brake - steering valve and pipeline - sprocket and its transmission components - engine, universal joint Fuel tank oil pipe - front hood assembly - connecting hydraulic pipeline - floor flange assembly, control connection - upper hood, side hood, exhaust pipe - fuel tank, hood, bottom guard - refueling and water, commissioning a vehicle assembly - Crawler - scarifier, drawworks - bottom guard and assembly of small parts - traction frame - driving narrow, driving shed - Sign - scraper sub assembly

4 production principles

(1) improving the production efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the product assembly quality are the aspects that should be paid great attention to in the organization process of assembly production. In the wood scheme, the axle shaft, track, chain rail and pin shaft with large fitting amount shall be assembled with special press fitting equipment

(2) the product is buckled at the last station. The crawler is laid on the hydraulic lifting platform. The hydraulic lifting platform lifts the crawler for fastening. After the crawler is buckled, the bulldozer automatically goes offline along the slope. In order to protect the ground, steel plate shall be laid in the area from the whole machine to the workshop after it is offline

(3) after the product is off-line, the main machine shall complete the assembly of the working device and the painting repair of the whole machine in the servicing workshop. After the whole machine assembly

commissioning and inspection, it shall drive to the mountain workshop to park at the finished product parking lot. The assembly of scarifier, winch, bottom guard plate and small parts, traction frame, driving narrow, driving shed, nameplate and blade shall be completed in the servicing workshop

(4) the factory test of the whole machine is completed in the north courtyard of the assembly workshop, mainly including operation test, hydraulic system

test and control system test. The hydraulic system test mainly measures the oil pressure, flow and oil temperature, and checks the secret of hydraulic components (including hydraulic cylinder, pump, motor and valve) and hydraulic pipe fittings. The deeds of the three listed companies have different names of sliding seals. The control system test is mainly to check the safety hazards caused by the reliable parts of each control rod, toxic plastic runway, measure the control force, and measure the time required to operate the bucket

5 design principles

the general assembly line of the assembly workshop shall be well lit according to the overall parts of each factory. In terms of zoning, it should be arranged according to the main products into professional production lines. The main parts and most parts shall be in a straight line as far as possible when circulating in the workshop, so as to reduce the reverse flow of parts and shorten the transportation. The main assembly place shall be beside the passageway to maximize the function of the passageway and lifting and transportation equipment

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