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A prison closed-circuit television monitoring system design scheme

Abstract: the monitoring remote transmission technology is used to realize the monitoring of each prison by the Provincial Bureau monitoring center, so as to provide more effective management means for prison management, greatly reduce the pressure of supervisors, and improve the efficiency and quality of management

key words: prison monitoring system system design system rack purchase I. system overview prison is one of the most important links to realize the comprehensive management of social security. Prison 2. Any mistake in technical parameters will bring great pressure to the social security outside the prison, and even serious consequences. In recent years, the quality and technical level of criminals have become higher and higher. It is urgent to strengthen prevention by using high-tech means. A prison is a place where people who violate the law and commit crimes are forcibly managed. Prisoners are not easy to manage. It is necessary to ensure the safety of society, prison guards and prisoners. It is an indispensable duty of the prison to monitor the daily behavior of offenders and under special circumstances. Today, with the digital development of high-tech and some laboratories, "multimedia, digital and all-round" is the new requirement of Onyx, a unique nylon system of the prison department, for the TV monitoring system. It is also a way to give full play to the role of the monitoring system and realize the "demand for police force from science and technology". The TV monitoring and alarm system can not only quickly respond to events such as prison break or attempted prison break at the first time, but also provide verification data within a certain period of time before and after the event by conducting close 24-hour TV monitoring on key areas such as prison walls, cells and confinement rooms around the prison; At the same time, the monitoring remote transmission technology is used to realize the monitoring of each prison by the Provincial Bureau monitoring center, so as to provide more effective management means for prison management, greatly reduce the pressure of supervisors, and improve the efficiency and quality of management. Through the surveillance camera installed in the prison, the full real-time video and audio surveillance video can be made in the prison, and all the activities of prisoners in the prison can be recorded; It can also remotely monitor the supervision warehouse through the remote control center, which can realize real-time video recording when no one is on duty. At present, most of the closed-circuit monitoring systems widely used in domestic prisons are analog monitoring systems. Their main characteristics are: matrix host control is adopted, front-end targets are monitored through the TV wall, and long-time delay analog video recorders are used for video recording and playback; Its main disadvantages are: when the video data needs to be backed up for a long time, it requires a large number of video tapes, consumes a lot of human and material resources, and is inconvenient to operate in video playback and retrieval. After several years of development, the technology of hard disk video recording system based on digital storage technology has been fully mature, which has solved the technical problems of traditional image storage and playback. Digital hard disk video recording system not only has low storage cost and high efficiency, but also has the advantages of network transmission, remote transmission and circular storage. At the same time, advanced technologies such as digitalization and transmission networking of hard disk video recording system can realize linkage with anti-theft alarm and other systems, timely and accurately feed back on-site information, and provide sufficient and reliable basis for alarm events. 2、 The system design objective is to provide you with advanced, safe, reliable and efficient system solutions based on your basic requirements for the closed-circuit monitoring system and the starting point of reasonable structure, safety and reliability, mainstream products, low cost and low maintenance. Reasonable architecture: it is necessary to adopt advanced and reasonable technologies to structure the system, so that the whole system can run safely and smoothly, and have good expansion conditions in the future. Stability and security: This is the most concerned issue of your company. Only a stable system can ensure the smooth operation of your closed-circuit monitoring system. The technical progressiveness of the system is the guarantee and foundation for the high performance of the system, and can effectively reduce the trouble of users and system maintenance personnel. Good scalability is for the development of users. With the increase of the application time of your security system, the requirements for the security system will be higher in the future. Scalability ensures that when users have more requirements, the new equipment introduced can work smoothly with the equipment equipped this time to further expand and improve the performance of the system. Mainstream products: whether the system adopts the current mainstream products is related to the overall quality of the system and whether the 30000 ton aluminum based new material project of Shanxi Juhua can be officially started in the future, with good technical support and complete technical documents. In the selection of equipment, we will mainly base on the specific needs of your company, and consider the technical progressiveness of the product manufacturer, whether the product is a mainstream product, the integrity of the product technical data of the original manufacturer, the technical support strength of the original manufacturer and the development prospect of the product manufacturer. All these are the conditions to ensure that users get good technical support, and also the basic conditions to ensure users' investment. Low cost and low maintenance: strive to have a good performance price ratio, and the products used should be simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain and high reliability. Whether the system has good performance price ratio is an important basis to judge the advantages and disadvantages of a system. The ease of operation and maintenance of the system is the condition to ensure that non professionals can use the system well. High reliability is the basic requirement to ensure the operation of the system, and it is also the guarantee of maintainability. Based on the above design principles, we will design your closed-circuit monitoring system. The installation, testing and acceptance of the whole project of your monitoring system will be carried out in strict accordance with international practices and in combination with the technical strength and engineering experience of the unit. When the project is completed, the installation and operation manual of each equipment related to the project, various diagrams and other documents of the system will be submitted at the same time, and the suggestions on technical training and paid services will be put forward according to the actual needs of users. 3、 System design principle and basis 3.1 design principle this design takes the industry standard as the design basis, combines the specific situation of the prison, and uses the best design scheme to reflect the highest performance price ratio, which is the guiding ideology of this scheme design, and also the basic starting point and pursuit goal of this scheme design. This design mainly implements the two main lines of "high quality" and "low price". According to the overall building plan of the prison and taking full account of the actual situation on site, the front-end design adopts a high-definition color camera, the video transmission adopts an anti-interference high shielding coaxial cable, and the control signal transmission adopts a special control cable with shielding to ensure the accurate transmission of video signals and control signals; The central control system adopts digital hard disk video recording system, which can realize circular video recording and facilitate retrieval

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