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Concept car design platform

the appearance of concept cars in major auto shows will always attract the attention of many viewers. Concept cars are not necessarily models that will be put into production. They show people the designers' novel, unique and advanced ideas and their unique charm

for the concept car, the importance of the appearance has reached more than 50%. It needs to look very attractive at first glance, but it is not just a show off. Sensable technologies is the world's leading 3D tactile design system company, which has been committed to providing effective design solutions for the manufacturing industry. The freeform tactile design system launched in 1999 is the world's first computer-aided design system that allows designers to complete 3D model design and construction by using touch on a computer

freeform system introduction

freeform tactile design system, also known as 3D touch system, is a force feedback technology. In addition to the software, there is a mechanical arm. With the rotation and movement of the operating arm, the carving knife in the computer screen will rotate and move. When the carving knife contacts the model to be carved, a force will be fed back to the mechanical arm, so that the user can feel the force of contact. During carving, the hardness and softness of the model can also be set to determine the force required for carving

freeform completely gets rid of the limitations of general 3D design software. Designers do not need to continue to work under the obstacles of complex computer programs, mathematical equations, mouse and keyboard instructions and programmed methods. The system provides the most basic way for us to interact with the real world - touch. Designers can directly and naturally interact with models through touch, greatly shortening the production cycle of traditional 3D design software. Designers will have more time and energy to devote themselves to real challenges, and turn more creativity into high-quality products or craft works. The advantages of freeform tactile design system are very obvious:

1. Rich performance modes

when designers conceive, they often consider factors such as drawing and production difficulties, which will limit the designer's ideas. However, freeform's plasticity and rich performance modes can enable designers to design any imaginary shape without considering geometric parameters and operation interface, and can accurately define the size

2 the premium paid by the policyholder is not only used for personal security, but also shortens the development cycle.

at present, although general digital design tools can shorten the R & D cycle, there are always some deficiencies in the performance mode and the training cost is too high. Using freeform system, 3D data with high accuracy can be obtained in the sketch design stage, which can reduce the communication barriers between designers and engineers, and give full play to the advantages of digital model. This can not only shorten the R & D cycle, but also reduce the training cost

3. Easy to learn and master

since designers interact with the model directly through the stylus when using the freeform system, it does not need to take months to master it like learning other 3D modeling software, and it also needs to be practiced to be proficient

4. Convenient control of material properties

most solid models require heating agent or activator to change the hardness and material properties of materials. When using the freeform system for design, only simple operations are required to control the hardness of materials and the smoothness of surfaces

5. It can be compatible with the existing general input/output format.

freeform system can directly input sketch formats skh、. ai、. igs、. iges。 Other formats such as picture format (.Bmp,.Jpeg,.Psd), point data format (.Stl), triangle data (.Obj,.Ply), Parasolid entity format (.X_b,.X_t), CAD model format (.Iges,.Step) can also be easily input and output, as shown in Figure 1

at the same time, the freeform system can also output different formats according to different needs, such as BMP format is used for description or annotation; Output stl、. zcp、. Ply format can be used to make RP model; Output x_ b、. x_ T and Step is used for subsequent mold making; Output igs、. Step and other formats

freeform concept car design platform

due to the limitations of design methods, many designers' ideas can not be reflected and expressed in the design, so they have to retreat to the second place and change to an imperfect solution. Now, the era of designers' free play has come. The freeform tactile design system will bring conceptual engineering and virtual design into a new field, so that creative works can be perfectly reflected

freeform tactile design pacxpert has gradually set off a new trend of flexible packaging in the world. The concept car design platform established by the flow meter system has a ball screw as shown in Figure 2. On this platform, the concept car body design, interior design, car chair design, spare parts design and other comprehensive designs can be carried out. At the same time, STL models made with freeform system can be directly imported into CAD or CAM software for subsequent processing, or paved in freeform and then imported into CAD or CAM software for processing, or directly imported into RP machine for rapid prototyping

1. Concept car appearance design process

freeform concept car design platform includes freeform body design platform (as shown in Figure 3). There are many ways to make concept cars using freeform body design platform. The usual production process is to make 3D models of cars according to three views. See the freeform body design process in the following figure. First design a concept map, then create three views in Adobe Illustrator, and then transfer out the AI file to import into the freeform system. Through the combination of graphic design and freeform system, graphic designers can quickly build it into 3D models

(1) 2D data input

first use the create plane command to create a 2D plane, and then set The AI file is imported into the 2D plane corresponding to each view angle and the image size is scaled to the appropriate size. The sketch formats that can be directly input in form modeling plus are skh、. ai、. igs、. iges。 Other formats such as picture format (.Bmp,.Jpeg,.Psd), point data format (.Stl), triangle data (.Obj,.Ply), Parasolid entity format (.X_b,.X_t), CAD model format (.Iges,.Step) can also be imported

(2) construction of body contour

according to the car contour in three views, use the wire cut clay command to create the general contour of the car and create the engine cover, cab and body respectively, and then use the shape, select clay by profile and other commands to modify the details

(3) construction of body details

on the already created body, use the commands such as wire cut clay, select clay by profile, boss with image to refine and decorate the car details according to the car detail contours of the side view, top view and front view, which will soon produce a new car

(4) data output

when the model construction and rendering achieve the desired effect, it can be output and subsequent design can be carried out. If it can be output BMP format is used for description or annotation and output stl、. zcp、. Ply format can be used to make RP model and output x_ b、. x_ T and Step is used for subsequent mold making and output igs、. Step and other formats

2. Interior parts design process

in the traditional interior parts design, it also needs to constantly adjust the shape of interior parts by manual production, which wastes both manpower and material resources and has a long production cycle. Freeform can meet the requirements of designers according to its powerful modeling function. Its tactile design can not only shorten the design cycle, but also achieve good interaction between designers and engineers, reduce many unnecessary modifications, and fundamentally save human and material resources. Figure 4 shows the basic process of interior design on the freeform concept vehicle design platform

3. Car chair design process

in a broad sense, car chair design also belongs to the category of interior design. It and other interior parts form the automotive interior. They are a system, and their mutual influence should be considered in the design process. Freefor continues to improve the development level of the industry. M's advantages in interior parts design are not only reflected in the short production cycle, but also reflected in the powerful modeling function. Figure 5 is a simple process for freeform to design car chairs

4. Tire design process

automobile tire not only carries the weight of the whole vehicle, but also plays the role of shock absorption and cushioning. Therefore, it is one of the most important components of the vehicle, which has a direct impact on the driving, permeability, comfort and safety of the vehicle. In the design of automobile tires, the tire pattern design is the most troublesome problem of traditional software, and the tire pattern can be easily designed in freeform. Figure 6 shows the tire design process of freeform

subsequent manufacturing process compatible

freeform concept car design platform is open, very convenient and compatible with subsequent operations. The concept car model designed on Freeform platform can be processed and manufactured through a variety of solutions


the significance of the concept car is not only people's expectations for the future, but also represents the strength of the car manufacturing technology of the car factory and even an indicator of national strength. All the world's industrial and economic powers show off their industrial technology to the world through the automobile technology. Freeform concept car design platform is a 3.5D tactile digital clay sculpture system, which supports the unique creation of designers and helps them complete. With the help of freeform tactile design system, we hope that China will become a creative power leading the trend and trend in the future. (end)

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