The tire of the most popular race gene re upgrade

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The race gene was upgraded again. The race wheel tire was successfully signed with the king crab team and Shanghai apex

race gene was upgraded again. The race wheel tire was successfully signed with the king crab team and Shanghai apex

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, At the exhibition site, racing wheel tyre held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with king crab team and Shanghai apex (Shanghai Xuanyi Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.). Chen Zheng, deputy director of sports tyre Department of racing wheel group, KOL yo brother and Daneng, and Jin Yi, general manager of Shanghai apex attended the signing ceremony

participating booth of Sailun tire

in his speech at the signing ceremony, Chen Zheng, Vice Minister of sports tire Department of Sailun group, said: Sailun tire has been participating in auto events since 2015, and has continuously participated in important drift events at home and abroad, such as d1gp in Japan, DCGP in Russia, RDS in Russia, CDC in China, and IDC of FIA. In 2018, the racing wheel drift team won the annual single track and double track championship of D1 China! In 2019, it won the "annual manufacturer's cup champion and champion in chemical, electrical and instrument industry", "annual single walk champion" and "annual driver's Cup runner up" in the DCGP drift series, and achieved the sixth excellent result in the FIA drift World Cup held in Japan

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Chenzheng, deputy director of sports tire Department of Sailun group

2020, Sailun tire, relying on its awe of tire production process and trust in its own product quality, integrated global resources to set up a sports tire department to develop higher performance sports tires, and successively became the official strategic partner of d1gp, RDS, CDC, IDC and other events. In the first race of d1gp, which just ended in July this year, the racing wheel drifting team won the second place in one fell swoop. In the second race of RDS in August, he won one championship, two Asian cups and three Asian cups. In the future, racing tyres will continue to sharpen themselves with competitions, improve product quality, promote the entry of sports tyres into the civil market, and enable more Chinese auto sports enthusiasts to use their own high-performance tyres

luodaka Daneng

emperor crab team is an icebreaker for the spread of drift culture in China. The drivers in the team include professional drivers, stars and ordinary people. It is an influential drift team that successfully integrates automobile culture, interaction and social interaction

Luo Daka yo yo brother

king crab driver Luo Daka yo brother said that as a veteran fan of drift, he is most happy to see the presence of Chinese teams and national brands in international events. In particular, in recent years, as the representative of national tire brands, race wheel tires have successively participated in well-known drift events at home and abroad. The excellent performance of race wheel tires on the track has made us full of confidence in national brands, It is believed that the racing wheel tire will represent the Chinese national brand and create more brilliance in the international arena

brother yo interacts with fans

Luo Daka, who is also a king crab driver, also expressed his appreciation for the racing wheel brand and his expectation for future cooperation. I believe that the king crab drift team will join hands with the racing wheel tire this time, which will ensure that the king crab team will be invincible in the drift industry and achieve better results

signed a contract with brother yo

founder of emperor crab team Mr. Jinyi, general manager of apex Shanghai, also said in his speech: "The global sales cooperation of sports tires with racing tires marks the further cooperation between the two sides, which is an important turning point for Shanghai apex from the business model of racing team operation to the business model of marketing integration.

signing a contract with Danone

signing a contract with Jinyi

group photo of the signing ceremony

according to the contents of the strategic cooperation between the two sides, racing tires will sponsor 300, 000 yuan worth of tires to King Crab drivers yo yo Ge and Danone respectively In the team's daily training and competition. The signing and cooperation between racing tire and king crab team this time is intended to influence more young consumers to understand and love automobile sports by virtue of the super popularity of luodaka, and contribute to the development of domestic drift automobile events

group photo

finally, Sailun tire signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Jin Yi, general manager of Shanghai apex, on the global sales right of Sailun brand sports tires. The signing of the contract marks that the racing wheel sports tire products have gone through three years of rigorous test, and have officially moved from a professional track that does not affect the original physical and mechanical properties of plastic resin to the civil market. The new racing wheel sports tire gene-r series products will provide more choices for the majority of auto sports enthusiasts

at the GT show modification exhibition, professional racing cars equipped with race wheel sports tyres made an amazing appearance. In addition, the rich KOL interactive activities attracted a large number of participants to stop and watch, becoming the biggest hot spot of the exhibition

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