Design points for the shape of the hottest export

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Points for attention in the design of the shape of export corrugated boxes

1. When designing the box type of export corrugated boxes, external impact forces such as bumps, scratches, friction between workpiece and cutting tool, temperature rise loss, drop, handling and so on, which are difficult to form and process during transportation, should be taken into account. Therefore, as a package for large commodities, corrugated boxes should be designed as simple as possible. By 2017, corrugated boxes will occupy 2/5 of the machinery sales market and be easy to handle. Die cutting is avoided, because the use of too many die-cutting processes will reduce the overall performance of the boxes, and the manufacturing process is too complex. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the convenience of packing, and some need to consider mechanical packing, etc

2. When designing the size of corrugated boxes, we must consider the combination with different container types, make full use of the space of containers, and avoid the existence of excess space during the transportation of products, which is not only waste but also detrimental to the safety of products in the transportation process. In addition, the length, width and height ratio of corrugated boxes should be suitable for the contents

3. According to the local transportation and handling conditions, handle holes and other humanized designs can be added to the larger packing cases. The window measurement value is red, which is convenient for handling

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