98 Ping rural idyllic style cottage dazzling and d

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Rural style rendering 1: on the right side of the house is the study and lounge. The original plan was to make a shoe cabinet on the right side of the house and move the door inside a little. Later, at the request of the owner of the house, the shoe cabinet was made under the bookcase to make the house more concise and unobstructed

rural style rendering 2: next is the restaurant. Do you want to enjoy the blue sea view while enjoying the delicious food? It can be achieved here, so that all troubles disappear in the boundless ocean, and the seagulls take away the trace of sadness. Although it is a painting, it can also bring people endless reverie. Opposite is the kitchen, which adopts transparent glass and wood doors. In the living room, you can also see the family busy cooking food, which is also a kind of happiness

rural style rendering 3: the sofa background wall adopts beautiful landscape paintings to achieve a unified effect with the restaurant background wall. The open sea area makes the space more transparent and complete




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