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With the development of TV industry, more and more charging items of digital TV make many people who like to stay in front of TV feel helpless. With the development of the network, network set-top boxes appear, so that everyone can see the programs on the network through the TV screen, and even play games! There are more and more network set-top box rankings. Let's briefly introduce the network set-top box rankings below

with the development of the television industry, there are more and more charging items for digital TV, which makes many people who like to stay in front of the TV feel helpless. With the development of the network, network set-top boxes appear, so that everyone can see the programs on the network through the TV screen, and even play games! There are more and more network set-top box rankings. Let's briefly introduce the network set-top box rankings below

Top1: Taijie webbox

this is the first video box in China jointly built by Taijie software and Tencent, which began to be sold on June 24. Since Taijie has been making video software before, it emphasizes the video playback experience. Add EMMC 8g storage, 2.4G wireless remote control and exclusive “ Pre buffering ” Service, and start with software and hardware, optimize restart, jam and other issues, which have become its highlights. Moreover, webox creatively and deeply combines with wechat, and has developed many functions such as wechat family photo album, wechat drama chaser, wechat collection, etc. Users can use mobile phones to remotely control some functions of the box through wechat, so as to realize content sharing and interaction between family members

top2: Xiaomi box enhanced version

in addition to watching live TV, many people like to play games with online set-top boxes. Xiaomi box enhanced version focuses on “ The performance is increased to 3 times, and the TV turns into a game console ”. Indeed, compared with the previous generation products, the hardware configuration of the enhanced version has been improved, and the increased USB interface also provides support for the external wired or wireless handle

the enhanced version of Xiaomi box has rich interfaces. In addition to removing the wired network interface, an SD card slot is added, which can quickly transmit films and watch local videos. In addition, Xiaomi box also has AV interface, which can connect headphones and old TVs with an adapter line. The high configuration of the strong version greatly improves the running speed of the game. In addition to the Bluetooth game handle provided, you can really pick up the handle anytime and anywhere to play the game you want to play. Unlike the host game, you don't need to buy games or expensive game consoles. You just need to find the game you want to play and download the game. The high configuration brings powerful game performance, ranking second in the enhanced version of Xiaomi box

top3: tmall magic box 1s

has done a good job in live TV and games, and other life-oriented functions can also be loved by users& ldquo; Shopping ” It is the main content of tmall magic box, which can also be said to be one of the biggest differences with other similar products. In addition to placing such as “ Poly cost-effective &rdquo& ldquo; Tmall supermarket ” In addition to the shopping entrances under Alibaba, it also provides some convenience in daily payment items, such as mobile phone recharge, water, electricity and coal payment, and lottery purchase

top4: Baidu shadow stick 3

official website is known as “ The world's first intelligent hardware focusing on 4K ultra clear and games ”, It also has built-in genuine Internet TV content such as mango TV, including a large number of Blu ray blockbusters, hot dramas, variety shows, animation, music MV, etc. In addition, baidu shadow stick 3 supports various open protocols such as airplay and DLNA, as well as the unique bdplay technology of Baidu video. It can wirelessly project local and online video content on mobile phones, pads and computers to the large TV screen for viewing, and easily realize multi screen interaction

top5: Huawei secret box

Huawei secret box is the smallest box in the world at present. From the appearance and accessories, we can see that it does not emphasize the sense of existence. The 10 cm HDMI cable can hide the box behind the TV, and the Bluetooth remote control is adopted, which can remotely control the box at any angle

Huawei's secret box access to icntv lacks resources, which can also be solved by installing third-party software. Huawei secret box has made a very fine classification. There are many sections, and no matter which section you enter, the corresponding content will be recommended, so as to solve the trouble of users watching movies. The biggest feature of Huawei secret box is the playback of local video, which supports local video playback in multiple formats and high definition. It is very suitable for copying high-quality videos to Huawei secret box for playback. Huawei's brand effect and the small size of the secret box are also sought after by many users

top6: LETV box C1s

LETV box C1s chose experienced Foxconn to contract its products, which is very guaranteed in terms of product quality. All interfaces of the fuselage are concentrated at the back, and a large number of interfaces are integrated into the limited area, which not only ensures the compatibility of LETV box C1s products, but also condenses the volume of the products. LETV's box claims that the hardware is free, and the price of 290 yuan is only half a year's film and television service. At first glance, it feels a little confused, but after using it, you will find that its charged film and television service can really see more programs than those free boxes

top7: haimeidi mango hi qh7

this box in the shape of local tyrant gold is the crystallization of haimeidi and mango platform. The color matching of tuhaojin is definitely an innovation and change for the black and white colors that are common in the market at present. It also has the characteristics of online time shift and replay, and pioneers wechat remote playback, which subverts the traditional remote control mode and is more convenient and practical. The cooperation with genuine mango TV also makes H7 more abundant film sources, faster connections, more stable playback, and more HD resources, which can not be provided by aggregation software

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