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On February 19, 2016, when the festive and peaceful atmosphere was not over, the elites of Guangdong Weiye Group sales company had entered a fighting state

on February 19, 2016, when the festive and peaceful atmosphere was not over, the elites of Guangdong Weiye Group sales company had entered a fighting state. At the Military Academy of Nanhai District, with the opening lecture of instructors and high team morale, the two-day "monkey live 2016 Weiye aluminum sales super team smelting camp" was officially opened

cast the soul of soldiers and show the heroism of kings

on the training ground, the members of each team wore straight military uniforms, which were not affected by rainy days, and were strictly trained under the guidance of instructors. By practicing formation, walking in unison, standing in military posture and saluting the army, managers who usually fight in markets all over the country seem to have become soldiers with high morale and enthusiasm. The neat formation, full spirit, vigorous pace and neat and loud voice all shape the invincible king style of the great elites

standing in the posture of a soldier and serving his bounden duty

the training ground is always cruel and ruthless. The military posture must be standard, the steps must be neat, the water bottle must be unified into a straight line when it is put down, and it must be uniformly close to the waist when it is picked up. Orders and prohibitions must be carried out, so as to achieve the military style of standing as loose, sitting as a clock, and walking as the wind, just like in the work, we face tasks, no privileges, no conditions, only persistence and courage, and only full implementation

wind and rain life path, realize life values

the night's "wind and rain life path" expansion project made the editor feel very deep. All the staff were silent and hand in hand. All blindfolded students walked through a "rugged" life path with the support of a guide team member. I was deeply shocked when we held the hands of our teammates and walked through the flat, steps, mud and obstacles, This is not the portrayal of our growth path! Know how to be grateful, learn to be grateful, practice in gratitude, and the elites of great cause have an understanding of the core values of contemporary revolutionary soldiers in this topic

challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves

the emergency training in the middle of the night caught everyone by surprise. The next day, we woke up in pain and began the new day's Outward Bound training. We racked our brains, gathered everyone's opinions, practiced and reflected, and actively responded to various puzzle problems. All of us passed. The same is true in practical work. When we encounter difficulties, we can overcome all difficulties as long as we strengthen our confidence, work hard, take action and take the first step bravely

pass the secret language

report to the demon king

my name is XXX. I promise that in the future life, no matter encounter any difficulties and obstacles, I will go all out, stick to the end, never give up, please allow me to pass

create a military style and show the true colors of heroes

customs clearance secret language, which is the most unforgettable topic for the elites of great cause. It requires that we use a sincere voice to impress the demon king of each team. We constantly try, encounter failure, cheer again, and have hoarse throats for several times. From the laughter at the beginning of recitation to the serious face later, we repeatedly forge ahead, think, summarize and share customs clearance experience. The elites of great cause uphold and do not give up themselves, Do not abandon the military spirit of your teammates, constantly cheer for your teammates, applaud and encourage them, and everyone passes

the strength of all people and the spirit of unity

the most touching project of this expansion training is the final unarmed climbing of the "graduation wall". Everyone feels that this is an impossible task. We once failed. After readjusting the battle plan and closely deploying, when more than 120 people stepped on the shoulders of their teammates and worked together to climb over the graduation wall, they spent 16 minutes and 23 seconds, their red faces and cheered happily, This moment of emotion was buried in my heart, and I didn't want to go away for a long time. Just like we encounter difficulties in our work, we give advice, summarize and share, and complete the task in unity and cooperation

responsibility is greater than ability, trust can win-win, gratitude can be happy

training by training, tests courage, whets will, condenses cooperation, excavates potential, and is full of love and gratitude, which is a touch in the depths of the heart, a distillation of collective strength. The instructor said: responsibility is greater than ability, trust can win-win, gratitude can be happy, so far, "Houzhu 2016" Weiye aluminum sales super team smelting camp all staff graduated successfully

Weiye aluminum sales super team smelting camp has ended perfectly, but the new journey of Weiye aluminum has just begun. It is believed that the sales team has been baptized by the military training platform provided by Guangdong Weiye group. In the future, the elites of Weiye will be full of fighting spirit to help dealers across the country to deeply explore the market and occupy the top of brand competition. "Houzhu 2016" will comprehensively compete for a large share of the aluminum profile market





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