How to carry out daily maintenance of solid wood f

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(1) Keep the wooden floor dry and clean, and wipe the wooden floor with a wrung wet soft towel. Wet cloth can be used to wipe the wooden floor in dry areas or dry seasons in the north; In humid areas in the south, it is not suitable to mop the wooden floor with a wet mop, nor to wash it directly with water

(2) wax the surface of the wooden floor irregularly, which can reduce the wear of the paint and keep the wooden floor as bright as new. Prevent heavy and sharp hard objects from impacting the wood floor, and the parts contacting the wood floor such as heavy objects or heavy furniture should be padded with protective pads to avoid paint wear and scratches

(3) prevent strong and lasting sunlight exposure or rain soaking the wooden floor; Prevent water overflow from balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. turn off the faucet when traveling or without water to avoid direct blowing of cold and hot air of household appliances and baking of wood floors; Avoid opening windows and doors for a long time, which will cause the external wind to blow the wooden floor directly

(4) after the wooden floor is paved, you should check in within two weeks. For rooms that are not occupied for a long time or often, you should put a few pots of water in the room and maintain humidity, or use a humidifier to make up for the water evaporated due to the opening of indoor heating; Ventilation should be strengthened in the plum rain season in the south. The indoor environment should not be too dry or wet. Generally, the indoor temperature is 0 ~ 30 ℃, and the indoor humidity is 50% - 80%, so as to avoid the dryness, shrinkage, expansion and arching deformation of the wooden floor




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